6 Best Free WordPress Themes of 2014 That’s Simply Awesome

(Last Updated On: October 27, 2016)

Looking for the best free wordpress themes of 2014?


Since the birth of WordPress, there have been no shortcoming of premium, top-class and awesome themes.

There is StudioPress’ Genesis-Framework based themes, then there’s thesis-based themes–there’s simply no end to it. You might have heard the Pros saying that theme is the face of blog. And, they do believe in it. Every top blog: from Copy Blogger to Pro Blogger, have shelved out thousands of bucks only to get a professional-looking theme.

And, the result? Both Copy Blogger and Pro Blogger got into the top of their niche–Copy writing and Blogging respectively.

But, for a newbie blogger; well, getting a theme developed or even buying a theme would be a hefty task. As, most of the bloggers start with a very small or even no money-in-hand.

So, what to do? Luckily, there’s no shortage of free-yet-premium themes too! There’s lot of themes which are premium and professional, but you can’t believe that it’s free. Considering that, here we bring the list of best free wordpress themes of 2014.

#1 Heuman

Our list kicks off with no other than our own theme. Yes, the same theme used by Get Awesome Instantly. The best part of the theme is about flexibility. It has got 3 modes to choose from, whichever suits you. It’s responsive, along with colorful widgets.


Heuman is a clean and responsive theme suitable for magazine-style blog.


#2 Appz

The name suggests it all–this theme is specifically designed for App developers who want to showcase their apps. If you want a theme for your app, then your search ends here. With 4 column layout on the home page, with clean, classy and sleek-layout, your app will surely look professional.


Demo / Demo

#3 Point

Well, this is an excellent and awesome theme from guys over MyThemeShop. Themes from MyThemeShop are usually light-weight, so you can expect this theme to be sleek and fast.


It is more suitable to mag-blogs which is also responsive. If your blog contains lots of content, then you should really give it a try. The best part is that it has a mobile menu too! Also, not to forget is the home page slider. The blend of so many awesome features will certainly make your blog look professional.

Demo / Download

#4 Codium Grid

With the coming of Pinterest, there have been a increase in grid-like themes. It’s quite weird and interesting theme (at the same time!)


Unlike many themes, the content is on the right-hand side and the custom-links and other data are on the left-hand side.

Demo | Download

#5 Engrave (Lite)

Many bloggers simply reject themes when they hear the word ‘lite’. The thesis is that the lite one tends to get less features than the professional one, so it might lack many crucial features. Well, its true to a great extent; but for Engrave, this is just the opposite.


It’s again clean, responsive and full of awesome features. It’s a one-page theme, especially suited for internet entrepreneurs who are willing to sell products.

Demo | Download

#6 Intuition

After engrave, it’s again a free, but classy-looking business theme. It carries the professional ‘feel’, it’s clean and responsive, you can promote any type of product up here.

 Demo / Download

So, what do you think? Which among the 6 was the best free wordpress themes of 2014?

Or, do you know some other best free wordpress themes of 2014?

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