Here we discuss about the Best Five Alternatives to Gmail. Gmail is arguably the most powerful and popular e-mail client service. Though it’s owned by Google, it still lacks some feature. Hence we want the Best Five Alternatives to Gmail. You may wonder why. But it’s quite worth to try these top five Gmail alternatives. Gmail offers up to 8 GB storage and branded security. But these days, many Gmail accounts were hacked and it’s time to think top alternative to Gmail. Here’s the core focused analysis on Best Five Alternatives to Gmail.

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Yandex Mail

Yandex is a new face among e-mail services. But its quality delivery has says it all. I prefer this mail as the beast alternative to Gmail. It may be an unfamiliar e-mail service for many, but we think it’s worth a try. This free e-mail service offers unlimited free storage space and has a neat and simple user interface. The Yandex e-mail account lets you connect to your other e-mail services, too, such as Gmail and Yahoo! Once you compose an e-mail, it gives you various features that you can checkbox, to make optimum use of. I particularly liked the reminder feature – if you are expecting a reply to an e-mail and don’t receive one, then the service will remind you in a couple of days. It also features options, like SMS notification to recipients, delivery status, options to insert card and videos and Yandex Search integrated with the e-mail service. Moreover, just like Gmail, it has background themes to choose from, message filters, folders, labels, and so on.
With a neat user interface, Hushmail is for those who need an e-mail account for simple, personal use. This service takes care of privacy concerns and is speedy. It ropes in Hush tools, like encryption and digital signatures. One can send encrypted emails with a security question. Set a question, to which the recipient has to answer correctly in order to check the e-mail. This encryption ensures that your private, critical e-mail is safeguarded from unauthorized access. It offers a free e-mail account with 25 MB space, but one can even upgrade it further to 1GB – 10GB. For more benefits opt for Hushmail Premium and Hushmail Business. On the flip side, you cannot recover your passphrase (read password) for the free account and you may lose your account, if not accessed once in three weeks. One can look at the new Hushmail and also at Hush mobile.


Fastmail, as the name suggests simply sprints into your account. It is the fastest e-mail service I have come across. It allows only one free account per person, and regularly scans and deletes multiple free signups. It has a secure login button, again ensuring that privacy is given top priority. The free account has 25 MB free space and can be upgraded with a free account from 100 MB to 10GB space. It provides all tools for composing rich text. The user interface is quite simple and has been kept to the minimum. We wish it had some e-mail organizing abilities.

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Zoho Mail

Zoho is a complete business app, which is quick and has abundant features to take care of your business. This free e-mail service account can also be used for personal use and has the standard features with a neat interface and basic colour themes. You can attach Google docs and Zoho docs, which has been integrated right into the e-mail service. Besides, the interface shows features like Links, Calendar, Tasks, Notes. It also has some handy productive, business and collaborative features.

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**Must Read Gmail for Android: better Priority Inbox support and Improved’s interface has an uncluttered, sophisticated look. It comes with simple features suiting the needs of a business honcho, and it is fast. Crafted for simple, personal use, it comes with unlimited storage space, and also promises to keep users’ mailboxes least troubled by spam and viruses. This e-mail box shows some social network integration of Facebook and Twitter. Here again, we miss smarter ways of mail organizing, making it apt for those who need it for basic e-mail purposes. Also please suggest your recommendation to other best alternatives to Gmail if any.

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  1. Nice sharing.
    I would like to try Yandex Mail.
    Thank you for sharing this wonderful knowledge.

    • Sid Reply

      Thanks a lot May for the appreciation.. Yandex is also one of the fastest going alternatives to Gmail. Keep visiting.

  2. Zimbra is a great alternative to Gmail.

    Zimbra offers enterprise collaboration, the ability to restore deleted emails (no can do in Gmail), email archiving & discovery (no can do in Gmail), plus global and personal address lists.

    Also there is no throttling of emails as Gmail does, and no daily restrictions on total emails sent.

    Lots of advantages with Zimbra. Overall a great product. Plus it is open-source!

    – JS

  3. I’ve used for several years and have been very pleased with it so far. I ,manage several different pop and imail accounts all from the same interface. Check it out

  4. Frank Keogh Reply

    Yandex?, flush every contact you have with this app down the drain. Total junk, it hangs on every feature except basic send and receive. If you spent some time on the app, you’d know this! You’re making techbii untrustworthy!

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