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Reaching super targeted customers from anywhere around the world is super easy with Facebook ad campaigns. You can use Facebook ads to generate leads for your business or bring in new customers for your online store.

Though certain elements should be kept in mind to get the desirable results. Right targeting, compelling lead magnets, high converting landing pages, and retargeting are some of the key concepts to learn before going into the action mode.

Facebook marketing when accompanied by advertising on other social media channels builds up trust and loyalty. This technique helps a lot in building up your online presence. It’s up to your digital marketing team how they manage to narrow down the users of the targeted niche and bring in results in the form of revenue.

Email marketing is also one of the most trending weapons of digital marketers these days because it keeps your brand connected with the leads and continues informing them about the latest offers and freebies. This constant connection assists digital marketers to bring in the desired outcomes in the form of sales. Have a peek at this site for top marketing recruitment agency dubai.

1- Problem-solving product-

The majority of products present online fail to generate consistent sales shortly after the launch period gets over. This happens because the digital product or an in-store product displayed was not adding any kind of value to your customers’ life.

To develop a problem-solving product it is mandatory to dive deep and question certain segments like – the targeted customers, problems they are facing, what’s the solution, and the value proposition. Narrow down the key elements of your research and then proceed with product development.

2- Creating online presence on other channels-

This is an essential task before you start running your Facebook ad campaigns. With the advancement of technology, buying behavior of people is now being influenced by social media. Once a potential customer stumbles upon your ad and finds the product useful, they might search your brand on other social media channels to validate.

Your active and positive presence on all other famous social media channels builds up a trust value and captures your potential customer’s attention for a longer duration. Your online presence is an indirect way of influencing the decision-making of your leads and prospects.

3- Audience research-

With over 2.8 billion monthly active users Facebook gives you a global market to advertise. Audience research is a very vast topic that can’t be explained in a few minutes as the whole campaign depends a lot upon the targeted audience.

Facebook audience insights give access to research for your targeted audience based upon various preferences like – demographics, lifestyle patterns, hobbies and interests, and much more. Moreover, you can also spy on various successful ads of any particular niche to eliminate the guesswork. Button- Have a peek at this site for the top marketing recruitment agency Dubai.

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4- Compelling Ad copy-

An ad copy consists of everything that is being displayed to a Facebook user as an advertisement. Images, videos, the color scheme of the ad, written content are all vital elements of an ad copy. An engaging ad-creative that resonates with the user’s perception is considered to be more successful in the long run.

A good headline text with some benefits of the product and a no-brainer offer for the users can grab their attention. Consider testing multiple ad copies for a single type of ad campaign so that you can know which ad copy is working and which one is failing.

5- A well-optimized landing page-

A landing page is a site page upon which the users land after clicking your ad. An effective landing page is optimized in such a way that your users are prompted to take the desired action. Generating leads for business, promoting store sales, website traffic is some of the major purposes behind running Facebook ads.

Most digital marketers provide various clickable buttons for different actions on their landing pages which sometimes confuses the users and they leave without clicking anything. In our opinion, one of the best tips on Facebook advertising is to always direct your landing page visitors to a single certain actionable button and remove all the unnecessary buttons from your page to boost up the overall performance of your campaign.

6- Track every click-

While you set up your ad, don’t forget to attach the tracking codes and pixels of the software that you may use for tracking and monitoring the performance of your Facebook ads. There are multiple tools and software that you can use for the same for free or at a minimal cost.

Google analytics, Adespresso are some of the best tracking tools which have real-time advanced data and ad management features to drive better results out of a limited marketing effort. Button- Have a peek at this site for the top marketing recruitment agency Dubai.

7- Collect emails for email marketing

Collecting the basic contact details of the visitors for further communication is always a good idea. This technique helps the brands remain in touch with their potential or present customers and generates revenue on demand.

According to a report by Statista 293.6 billion emails were shared each day in the world in 2019 which is expected to reach 347.3 billion/day by 2022. For an effective email marketing strategy, you need to have the right set of tools and software separately to accompany the Facebook marketing campaign.

8- Retargeting

Ineffective retargeting leads to poor ROI of ads. Retargeting is a way to engage with users who did visit your page but didn’t take action for some reason. The tracking pixels installed on your landing page will gather the information of such visitors and supply it for further retargeting.

Targeting such users can improve the CTR and conversions of the overall campaign drastically. You will be surprised to know that the conversion rate of retargeting ads is somewhere around 8X higher than the CTR of a typical display ad. Retargeting is definitely a good option for marketers in the long run.

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9- Upsell and downsell-

Have a line of products hidden in your sales funnel and keep them coming one after the another, for better revenue generation. Going with just a single product might be easy, but not a sustainable option. What if the customer is willing to do more business with you and you only have one type of product in your sales funnel.

Upsell and downsell techniques are being advised by most of the famous Facebook advertisers in recent times. For customers who can’t afford your premium products, always keep a sales line open for down-selling them with comparatively cheaper items. Button- Have a peek at this site for the top marketing recruitment agency Dubai.


Facebook ads may seem to be quite interesting for a few business owners but it’s not as easy as it looks. Setting up goal-oriented Facebook ad campaigns is a lengthy task that is accompanied by certain other aspects like – landing page creation, effective copywriting for the ad copy, installing the Facebook pixel, email marketing, etc.

It’s always better to outsource such advertising campaigns to some experienced digital marketing companies for better results especially if you’re new to the business. This can save a lot of time for business owners and entrepreneurs which can be utilized in the development and improvement of the product.

Hope this article added some result-oriented insights to your Facebook ads knowledge. We will keep on updating more and more on Facebook ads for our audiences shortly. Till then stay connected.

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