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Best Encrypted Messenger 2019: Safe Sofalising!

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Last Updated on October 22, 2019

Anonymous social networks become popular in the modern media space. Plots about total surveillance of the state cease to be elements of dystopias. Edward Snowden’s confessions opened our eyes to the control of intelligence agencies by monitoring our search engine queries. What is to be done? Is it possible to somehow protect your privacy? There is a way – use the best encrypted messengerUtopia P2P ecosystem, which can make a real Internet revolution in the world of data protection!

Utopia P2P ecosystem is a closed decentralized system that gives opportunity to use a secure anonymous messenger for personal communication, chatting, as well as for corporate correspondence – uMessenger.

Best Encrypted Messenger: Customer Solution!

Every sent and received message is securely encrypted thanks to sophisticated encryption based on a high-speed Elliptic Curve 25519 that protects the data, and a 256-bit AES that stores the information. To date, this protection system is considered the most advanced and secure.

At the heart of ecosystem is a peer-to-peer architecture that involves the absence of a single server on which user data is stored. Now each user is a peer – he is a server and a client at the same time. Therefore, any leakage of information is impossible.

  • Security: all files, correspondence history, and passwords are encrypted during transmission and storage.
  • Privacy of communication: thanks to anonymous registration, the privacy of communication is 100% guaranteed.
  • Full control: access to data on any devices: Windows, IOS, Linux. All you need is a stable Wi-Fi connection.
  • Functionality: messenger has a lot of possibilities, not only sending text and voice messages but also adding stickers, emoticons, pictures to messages. Besides, it is possible to create communication channels, followed by geotagging it on uMap.

More Options For You!

Utopia is not only a secure messenger. This is a real treasure box, which has everything you need for anonymous work on the network.

Idyll Browser – browser for anonymous surfing the Internet. The trick of the browser is that it is a closed system, which has all the necessary sites for users. Therefore, they do not need to go to the world wide web and leave their data there. In addition, thanks to tunnel data technology, each user can create and add new sites that will be publicly available.

uMail – is a confidential email that allows sending and receiving sensitive information, files and documents from your partners and colleagues. Each message is securely encrypted and will not fall into the hands of third parties.

uWallet – is an electronic wallet that provides reliable protection of any financial transactions. It stores cryptons – the cryptocurrency of the ecosystem with which payments can be made. Therefore, the user no longer needs to enter personal data to carry out a financial transaction.

Mining bot – each user has a unique opportunity to earn cryptons. To do this, you will need to install a bot that for every 15 minute session on the Internet, accrues bonuses.

Multiplayer games – the entertainment side of the system is supported by the presence of games that you can play with friends.

Above all, the convenient and intuitive interface of the ecosystem has you covered when working with it!

Make your communication and work on the Internet truly confidential – use Utopia P2P Ecosystem and turn it loose!

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