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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which plays a crucial part in growing a blog, website, and webpage. There is a difference in a growing site and a startup site, so you need a piece of expert advice for in-depth information on what is working and what isn’t working. There are millions of so-called experts out there, who are all talk but no output. We may not solve the SEO problem, but we lower the burden by introducing Semify.

What is Semify?

Semify is a reputed US-based company, who provides SEO reseller services to customers and clients around the world. You can contact the Semify team via phone, email and visit the office as well. It’s not a random company that is selling SEO services as they are active in the business since 2008. The US-based expert has been around for 13 years, and they have served thousands of clients globally. Readers can seek assistance from the team and improve the site or webpage in search results. A business requires good search visibility and organic traffic is a one-way ticket to improve leads, and sales.

SEO Reports

The all-rounder Semify has added an advanced SEO report tool that will help the site administrators to recognize the shortcomings and fix them. SEO is a magic wand that turns around the site fate in a swing, and it requires regular monitoring and data to fix the loopholes in the strategy.

Note: You can order monthly reports from the US-based company for $40.

Step 1: Go to Semify official site.

Step 2: Enter your site URL and click on “Show me cool SEO stuff” to continue.

Use Semify SEO Tool - 1

Step 3: You got useable information on the screen.

Use Semify SEO Tool - 2

Website in-depth stats provide information that you can use to improve the content, fix mistakes, and fill the gap. In the free version, you get high-ranking keywords, keywords with URLs, and a backlink scorecard. Semify wants to display the report tool’s ability to encourage the visitors, and it does help the site admins to gain clarity.

Semify All-in-one Software

Semify All-in-one SEO Dashboard

The software is an all-in-one dashboard to manage the SEO of the website. You no longer have to maintain a comprehensive record and track each site aspect because the all-in-one dashboard will carry the information. The reseller account will give you customizations such as custom logos, custom URLs, colors, and more. You have all important information in one place such as marketing content, organic traffic metrics, lead source data, lead information, conversion tracking, progress reports, link audit software, etc. The list keeps goes on as we speak of the software benefits, but I want to complete this part on this note.

PPC Services

Semify PPC Services

PCC (Pay-Per-Click) is an important factor for businesses as it displays your advertisement to potential customers. Semify brings the decade experience to the table and helps the clients to reach the audience faster and smarter. You can let the professional experts handle the project, and the pricing starts from $200/month. Of course, the pricing depends on the expected reach, leads, and sales, and the team will create a tailored package as per your requirements.

Small Business SEO Packages

Semify Small Business SEO Packages

Small businesses is what run the country’s economy, and that’s what the US President once told the world during a debate. Semify tailored small business SEO package that starts from $294/month to move search engine rank. Your business may not need advanced SEO, and it may require a slight boost for visibility. A visible business on search engines improves brand value and reputation. A small monthly investment will bring light to your business and pushes irrelevant results from the #1 page.

SEO Reseller Program

There are millions of clients around the world, who a re looking for advanced SEO services but are not able to find the right one. You can jump in and bring in those clients as an agency and let Semfiy take care of the task.

Agencies don’t have to sweat as the Semify team will work in the shadow, and you will have an advantage since the control panel and dashboard can be customized in your brand attire. You can change the logo, color, and many things to conceal the Semify branding, and that’s the benefit of the SEO reseller program.

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Bottom Line

Semify is an all-rounder for agencies, customers, and clients around the world, who are looking for advanced & comprehensive SEO services. You can work as an agency and fulfill the customer requirement with Semify SEO services. Let us know what do you think about Semify in the comment section below.

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