E-Commerce Plugins That Makes Shipping Easier for Shopify Stores


Plugins That Makes Shipping Easier for Shopify Stores

Shopify is a platform that allows brick-and-mortar businesses to ship their products directly to customers. The platform provides its users with a range of shipping options, including free shipping on all orders over $50 and faster shipping options for a fee. One of the most exciting things about Shopify’s shipping process is that it doesn’t involve a third-party shipping company.

You need to consider shipping if you’re serious about starting and growing a successful Shopify store. How are you going to get goods for your customers? How will you deal with shipping questions and complaints? Will you send out shipping notifications and updates?

The good news is that some fantastic Shopify shipping apps will definitely improve your business and free up your time. They do most of the hard work for you and seamlessly integrate into your online shop.

List of the best shipping plugin for Shopify stores:-

List of the best shipping plugin


It is a shipment tracking app that supports over 600 shipping services worldwide. What sets it apart from other apps is that it enables you to check the status of shipments across multiple carriers and sends out emails and notifications automatically at different shipment stages. This way, you can keep your customers updated throughout the entire process. It is a shipping service that lets customers customize the shipping experience, such as specific delivery times, customized packaging options, and premium shipping services.

AfterShip has a free plan that covers 50 shipments per month, and you can also get a 14-day free trial of any of the paid methods. If you need more than 50 shipments, the paid options start at $9/month for 100 monthly shipments. But if you have a high volume of shipments, you can get the PRO plan for $99/month, which covers 2,000 monthly shipments.


ShippingEasy is a comprehensive shipping solution that enables you to ship products to customers using a range of shipping carriers. What sets it apart from other shipping apps is that it provides you with access to discounted USPS shipping rates. This means you can utilize the USPS’s network of shipping partners to get your products to your customers for a cheaper rate. It also gives you access to a range of marketing tools to build your fanbase and generate more sales.

It is a cloud-based multi-carrier shipping solution that helps small businesses ship their products to their customers. It provides tools for processing orders, automating tracking, and printing labels. The best part about ShippingEasy is that it allows you to build sophisticated shipping campaigns that automate the shipping process and target specific groups of customers.


Shippo is a multi-carrier shipping platform that enables users to compare rates and access discounted rates from 55+ global carriers in real-time. Shippo makes it easy to compare shipping rates from different carriers by offering a free Shippo account to give you insight into your shipment performance and cost. Shippo is a Magzter, Inc. service that provides a comprehensive suite of technology and business solutions to the e-commerce industry.

Shippo’s Pay As You Go option might be perfect if you’re looking for a quick shipping solution with no commitments. For just $0.05 per label, you can have your shipment sent with no extra fees. If you want additional features, like custom notifications, you can also upgrade to a subscription plan starting from $10/month.


netParcel offers discounted Small Parcel and LTL freight services for Canadian and US eCommerce merchants. It provides multiple deliveries and pricing options on domestic routes in the US and Canada and for international shipping to and from. The most inexpensive way to ship your packages is via a parcel delivery service like netParcel. They provide services that can help you get your packages to nearly any destination for a flat rate.

Its customer support is accessible by email or phone during business hours, so if you got anything to ask about the service, you can call them or send an email.

Intuitive Shipping

It allows Shopify merchants to fine-tune every facet of their shipping cost. This will enable you to charge customers the correct shipping price even when you ship from different locations or have other complex shipping needs. Intuitive Shipping also provides you access to instant quotes from carriers to get your packages to your customers as quickly and inexpensively as possible. This saves you money because you won’t have to pay extra for premium service.

It also allows you to offer free shipping on your products which can help you build a fanbase, generate more sales and keep your customers happy. Intuitive Shipping provides a free plan that includes 100 shipments per month and a 14-day free trial of any of the paid methods.


Shopify is a platform that helps small businesses build their online presence. It provides a platform for them to see their products and, most importantly, deliver them to the customers. It has a robust shipping process that helps small businesses save on shipping costs while providing a better customer experience. This is precisely what makes Shopify an excellent platform for small businesses.

The best way is to find an app you feel comfortable with that works well for your business or you can take Shopify Development Services in USA. Each shipping app has its pros and cons. The software you select may require additional training. Learn more about each app, so you choose the one with the best features that fit your business and meet your shipping needs.

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