If I ask you “how many of you still go for window shopping?” There would be a very few of you. Why so? This is because today everything right from clothes to groceries gets available online. With this, it’s quite clear that having an online presence has become very much important for all.

So, if you are planning to start your business or already have one, make sure you have created a website for it. A website is what helps your business to showcase products and display them globally with the help of web hosting.

You can either hire a web developer or may be build a website on your own with the help of online website builder tools. But just displaying your products on your website isn’t going to work. You will need to engage your audience by creating a marketing strategy for it.

When it comes to online marketing, many of you get stuck at a question that “where to start from?” But don’t worry I have a solution for you. You can hire a digital marketing agency such as Rankraft that takes the complete responsibility of marketing your business online.

Rankraft – A Short Summary

One of the leading digital marketing agencies, Rankraft offers technology driven marketing services which includes search engine optimization, social media marketing services, search engine marketing, content marketing, logo design etc. Their talented and experienced professionals take the complete responsibility of building your brand. May it be a startup, mid-size organization or a large scale business, Rankraft’s service is available for all of them. Their team comprises of problem solvers, self-motivated creators, coders, writers, designers, auditors, etc.

Services Offered by Rankraft

SEO Services

  • Professional SEO
  • Website SEO Audit
  • On-Page SEO
  • Link Building

Channels Used

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Paid Ad Campaign
  • Email Marketing

Creative Services

  • Content Writing
  • Graphic Designing

Web Analytics

  • Heatmap Tool
  • Google Analytics

URL Shortener

HiiFyi Shortener

Core Values

Their working is based on their four core values as below:

Integrity: The team ensures that commitments made by them are true and accurate. You won’t be cheated and they won’t have any conflicts with you.

Building Relations: Once you opt for their service, they make sure that strong and long-time relations are built with their clients.

At Your Service: They won’t ignore you after the project gets completed. Instead they are always available to help you at anytime you face issues.

Transparency: As per them, customers should know about the steps they are taking for your project marketing and so they always keep things transparent.

Process Followed by the Rankraft’s Team

Step 1: They first learn about your business niche. This is done by getting complete information about your business right from your vision and mission. Additionally, they also define the ways of creating a brand strategy.

Step 2: Once the team gets complete information about your business, they speak about the things to do for your business. Also, some creative plans are built for you. Some points as per their understanding of your project are discussed too. They also listen to your suggestions.

Step 3: After you agree with their plan, they do a deep research and brainstorming for your project. They build a strategy that will prove fruitful for your business by collecting the required materials.

Step 4: Then they create a plan for your project’s campaigns. With this, it makes their work easier. Furthermore, they decide some KPIs for your business to engage the interested audience.

Step 5: Whatever rough work is done for your campaign is shared with you for letting you know the complete idea. They will even add your ideas, if you have any or maybe remove the ones that you don’t like. With this you both will be on the same track.

Step 6: Next, they will wait for your confirmation before taking any further step. You can still give your feedback to them.

Step 7: It’s the time to give a final touch to the rough work to make it appear worth. Here all the content to be used for campaigns is finalized. Also, the date and time for publishing the content are scheduled. Of course, they know the best time to showcase a particular content to the world.

Step 8: After getting a response from you, they will execute the campaign as per the schedule to create a buzz and awareness about your business. The process of posting content and delivering valuable information will be continued. Then clients can check the execution of campaigns done as discussed.

Step 9: After a few months, they analyze the campaign’s working and measure the results. Then you are provided with a complete report of the performance of campaign.

Why Rankraft Stands Different?

  • Rankraft’s digital experts are highly experienced and so they clearly understand the audience demands and the way you display your business to them.
  • SEO services are offered to both local as well as international market. Campaign ideas and analysis report is offered whenever required.
  • They help in improving your website’s rank.
  • You will find their packages affordable and they will help your business to succeed.
  • They daily focus on making the weakest feature of your website strong.

Wrapping Up

While selecting the best digital marketing agency for your business, you find several options available. It’s a fact that many companies are offering digital marketing services in India but very few actually build brands for their customers. When you think about Rankraft, it is completely different from such companies and takes the best efforts to make your business globally popular.



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