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I’m so proud of you for being a part of the community who’s helping in the reduction of fuel consumption and the emission of harmful gases! You, who uses a battery to run their vehicles, surely play a significant role in reducing pollution. However, it’s also true that these batteries can be a real pain because they can run out anytime, even if you are in the middle of a forest at midnight! And because you are on this page, I assume your battery has already run out. So, today we have Best Car Battery Charger for travelers.

car battery charger

Even petrol finishes after some time, and the real problem is not these batteries dying out, but the time at which they pass away because it is just as unpredictable as a coin that you use for a toss! Doesn’t matter if you were headed towards a road trip, or if you had an urgent meeting to take, if your batteries run out, you are bound to cancel your trip and wait there in the middle of the road until someone reaches out to you, which is a very exhausting situation.


Only to prevent you from arriving at such a time, which is very likely to happen, we have designed for you an alternative supply, a Genius G3500 charger of 6V/12V which can charge up to 120 A only in a few hours!


The well-known brand “Noco”, which has specialized in this regard, has planned out this battery in such a way that it’s not only safe to use but is also portable and light-weighted. Out of all the batteries invented by Noco, G3500, which is 2x faster than the other ordinary batteries, stands the best for cars, because it’s easy to use and can provide the exact current that your car requires to take you to that office in time!

What’s better than to have stress-free and uninterrupted drives? Remove the idea of selling your car due to the frustration of it stopping in the middle of the road, and rather buy this battery which is the solution to your battery problems. Charge it up once, and the next day is going to feel so light that it will feel as though your car is being run by air and not a battery!

Since your car is not run by fuel, and thus it’s harder for you than the others who can find petrol pumps at every end, we highly recommend you to keep yourself always prepared by buying this battery. It keeps your vehicle fully charged and maintained, for long term storage and long-lasting battery, which means you can now drive to hill stations in your very own car!



It works with 6V and 12V lead-acid batteries including Wet, Gel and AGM or any other automotive, deep-cycle, marine or maintenance-free battery, so if you have a battery similar to any of these, you shouldn’t take another second to buy G3500 because it is specifically made for them.


The most satisfying part is it can auto-monitor your charging process, without you having to keep a look on it 24/7! This prevents your battery from being overcharged, and you can peacefully go to sleep while you leave your battery to get recharged during the night. It has LED indicators to indicate if the charging is 100% full so you know that it’s time for you now to unplug it!


Has your battery already been damaged due to a lack of charging for a long time? Hold on! Do not sell that damaged battery because G3500 can not only recharge it but also repair it to improve its performance and longing period.


It has an advanced optimized mode for safe charging and maintaining 12V lithium ions’ batteries. Thus for lithium batteries with an internal BMS, it is highly recommended! Yet another feature making it safe for your use is the spark-proof technology and protection against polarity.

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It has a rubberized base which avoids slipping and scratches, making it strong and secure. Also, it is water-resistant, which means that you need not worry if you left it open in your rain, or if you have to recharge your car’s battery during rain.


Now you have all the reasons to buy this versatile all-in-one battery which not only comes with a five-year warranty but is also backed up with accessories lasting for five years. So instead of wasting money on buying a new battery or a new car, get yourself this battery which will renew your car and ensure a secure drive!


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