As an entrepreneur, you should try to read at least 2 books in a month to be able to know more and take your business to new heights. There is always something you can learn to make your business even greater and what better way to learn than reading books. And as far as I can tell, one thing that most of the great entrepreneurs have in common is taking out time from their busy lives to read.

Reading is such an undervalued skill, by reading a book you can open new doors of your thinking skills and can help you think outside the box.

Reading some good business books can be especially helpful when you and your business are going through a hard time. Because not all days are full of sunshine and rainbows, and particularly in such situations your inner skill and capability play a major role. Reading the experiences and advice given by entrepreneurs who have gone through hard times and rose from their ashes can motivate you and give you new ideas on becoming a successful entrepreneur.

1.The 4 Disciplines Of Execution By Chris Mcchesney, Sean Covey, And Jim Huling

 If you are a bookaholic and know a lot of business books, then there is a possibility of you putting this book aside because you might have thought that this is a derivation of The 7 Habits of the Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change by Stephen R, Covey, and the last author is actually Sean’s father, which might have led to that thought of yours. But trust me, the 4 disciplines of execution is a wonderful book on its own. By reading this book you will know why entrepreneurs set for themselves linger measures to get to their goals upon which they themselves have no real control over.

2. Meetings Suck By Cameron Herold

If you are a young entrepreneur then you probably have a significant amount of times when you have sat in a meeting and kept thinking to yourself about how waste of a time this is? But in the view of Cameron Herold, the meeting is not the problem, we are. The book goes over the soft skill elements of the business that are focussed on how to conduct an amazing meeting that will leave the people feeling enlightened and empowered. The book is an overall guide on how to be a good leader.

3.The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People By Stephen R. Covey

This is not deemed to be one of the most famous and the best business books of all time for no reason, Stephen R. Covey the author of the book and also an entrepreneur himself is an extraordinary educator as well as an entrepreneur. If you are looking for some extremely self-aware advice on how to become a successful entrepreneur then this book is a must. It is a perfect book if you are looking to improve yourself microscopically. Listen to me, this is a book that you have to read now and go over it, again and again, every year.

4.The Power Of Habit By Charles Duhigg

Charles Duhigg has an extreme interest in the science of habit which is very much seen in this book. According to him, habits have a much greater impact on your happiness, relationships, and pretty much every part of your life. This book is all about why as well as how businesses make use of the science of habit. The topics like what is needed to develop a habit? and what is the effect of the habits you have in your life?

5. Never Eat Alone By Keith Ferrazzi

Never eat alone is an extremely popular book that has amazing advice on how to network in the right way. If you are going through a period of rejection in your business then reading this book will be very helpful, the book has over the top advice on how to deal with rejection and keep going.


It doesn’t matter if you are an entrepreneur or an aspiring entrepreneur reading some of these books will prove to be extremely helpful.

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