5 Best Blogger Widgets 2015

There’s more than 1.5 Billion blogs on the web, and every half a second, a new blog is created! But why does a blog called the way it is?

The term ‘blog’ was coined by American blogger Jorn Barger combining the world ‘web’ and log’.

Since the primitive stage of blogging in 90s, blogging has seen massive changed and upgrades to it. Though, there are several blogging mediums out there on the web, the blogosphere has been largely dominated by WordPress and Blogger. And the competition on which is the best of two is never gonna end.

Google brought PYRA Labs in 2003 and incorporated massive changes onto it and changed its face and fate both!

Blogger has been one of the most powerful CMS platform out there in the web: being simple to use and blessed with several advanced features. Over the years,  the fan following of Blogger has increased massively. Developers have been following the platform and developing various themes and widgets for the platform.

There are more than millions of themes and widgets out there, and each and every new year developers keep on creating more and more advanced themes and widgets.

best blogger widgets 2015

So today we are here with a list of best blogger widgets 2015, to keep you updated.

Best Blogger Widgets 2015

14-Free CSS Scrollbar Style

This free widget just buffs your website with beauty and awesomeness. Give your readers a new look on scrollbars rather than the simple and traditional white scrollbar. To make your template/theme look more attractive, this is an essential widget for you then. You have got variety of colors to choose from, and you can choose your favorite color one outta it.

11-Image Hover Effects

Images are an essential part of a blog. They drive in traffic and also improves the quality of the blog and content. But ever thought of playing with your images?

This amazing plugin will make your images damn attractive and interactive at the same time. The plugin follows the CSS for its hover effects and its quite easy to start off with.

Navigation Menu in Ribbon Style

Navigation menu is an important part of your blog, it helps your users to navigate around the blog and helps in reducing the bounce rate of the blog and increasing the time spent by the users on the blog.

This is an beautiful navigation menu in the ribbon form which looks both cute and simple. It’s made with the help of CSS. It might look bit old-school but would look good in any type of blog.

Social Share Buttons on Images and Text

This plugin is usually used on most of the top and authority blogs such as ShoutMeLoud. Going over the images on their blog, you will see icons like facebook, twitter , google plus share on the left hand side top corner of the images. If you look carefully, even this widget is attributed to text too. If you have used Chitika Ads network, then it more or less works like that only. This is one of the most important and the perhaps the top blogger widgets 2015.

So here comes an end to our list of best blogger widgets 2015. Have you got anything else to add? Do let us know in comments.

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