5 Best Blog Article Templates What Will Definitely Help You Develop Your Blogging Career


According to a SEMrush poll, a blog is the most popular content format. Over 55% of marketers, 22Bet marketers among them, say they’ve been able to attract new customers just by blogging regularly. Isn’t that a reason to include “website writing” in your marketing strategy? Plus, it’s easier than it sounds: there are many templates with which you can quickly create information and analytical materials to fill your blog.

We have prepared a list of the most interesting ones.


The list article can be called a new genre of journalism, the task of which is to inform and entertain the audience. An interesting play on words in English: a list article sounds like a listicle, being a combination of list and article. Such text uses a numbered list, which is primarily reflected in the heading: it usually contains numbers, for example, “5 reasons to learn French.”

What is so good about a listicle format for a blog? It is universal: by posting such articles, you can be sure that they will be favorably received not only by the audience but also by search engines. According to marketers, a list is an important part of any optimized article, along with paragraph breakdowns, subheadings, and search phrases (keywords). As for an article, 90% of which are paragraphs, this is a great way to quickly grab the reader’s attention and convey an important message to him in an accessible language.

Leader’s Opinion

Another win-win is an article based on the views of an influencer. The main condition is for the leader to really be such in his field because the audience quickly recognizes the dirty tricks.

If you want to add such an article to your blog, do not rewrite other people’s materials. Better to conduct your own interview with the person you are interested in and ask for expert opinion on a subject topic or tell the latest industry news, for example, from the world of technology. This will provide readers with a 100% unique article and can claim to be an authoritative source in this area.


A selection is a type of publication that overlaps in structure with a list article. However, instead of sharing tips or ways to achieve certain goals, you need to give real examples. The peculiarity of such content is that it is created on the basis of materials already published in online sources, but, of course, without violating the rights of the owners.

An obligatory part of the articles-selections – hyperlinks to information sources that you trust, and the opinions of recognized leaders in the industry. This has a positive effect not only on customer loyalty to the company but also on the visibility of the blog in search engines. You can also increase the time a reader spends on a page by supplementing the text with a list of recommended resources on the same or related topic.


Speaking of presentations, Slideshare should be mentioned. It is a useful tool for a customer-centric business (B2B). It helps generate leads, draw attention to your content, and drive traffic. Slideshare is needed in order to create and promote presentations, sharing them both on the company’s pages on social networks Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and on a blog on the site.

This format is convenient to use as strategic content. By typing the required number of reposts and mentions, you can enter the top trends in social networks and increase the level of engagement of readers in the life of your blog. Think of this tool as PowerPoint for the internet space only.


Infographics are a convenient option for presenting “voluminous” information. Especially well suited for displaying statistics that look like a canvas of text and are boring to read. Infographics do not tire or confuse readers, as all the data that may seem complex is laid out on shelves, and even decorated in an attractive style.

By combining information with graphics, you are more likely to keep your site visitors on the page than using raw statistics.

So, if you have an informative blog, and the target audience is schoolchildren, students, everyone who is drawn to knowledge, you definitely cannot do without infographics.

Instead of a Conclusion

Filling a blog is not an easy task. But it’s really possible to make life easier for yourself by making a content plan in advance and choosing those article templates that correspond to the focus of the blog and, of course, the preferences of the audience.

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