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Rewriting the articles or assignments is not a simple task. First, it takes time to read a long text and understand its meanings.

After that, generate the best alternative of the text that doesn’t match the original one.

Students often face this problem while they submit the assignments or presentations.

They are asked to get unique content that is never used before. For it, they have to read long articles and books to get the juice of content.

It will demand a lot of struggles from the students. But here we can provide you with the best alternative.

Online article rewriters can make the content unique without any wastage of time.

These AI paraphrasers spin the whole data and make it unique from the original one.

When we look for any article rewriter on a search engine, there may be a long list in front of us.

Top article rewriters

So, a user may get confused while selecting the best of them.

Here we will provide you with a list of the best article rewriters.

These tools lie at the top of the list due to the features added to them.

  • Editpad.org
  • Articlerewriter.website
  • Softo.org
  • Seowagon.com
  • Greatseotools.net

These are top rewriters that can make text different from the original one. Let’s discuss them in detail.


Talking about the best tools for rewriting content, this rewriter always holds the top position.

The components added in this tool are best for paraphrasing your lines and making them more striking and understanding.

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Let’s dive deep and discuss the main features of this tool.

Highlights the paraphrased text

After making changes in the lines, it bolds all the new words paraphrased from the old one.

This makes it easy for a user to point out new content, and he may again rephrase the data if he doesn’t like it.

Support multiple files formats

This rewriter supports multiple files. A user can upload his data in different file formats.

It allows uploading files in txt, doc, or Docx format.

Free of plagiarism

The best article rewriter always generates unique content for its users. It doesn’t duplicate the lines while paraphrasing.

This rewriter also provides this feature as it doesn’t deliver any plagiarized content to the users.

Download files

Although a user can copy the newly generated content from there and use it for is blogs or assignments.

But this rewriter also gives a feature of downloading files directly to save a user’s time.


This tool is specially designed to rewrite the articles. The features added to this tool make it reliable.

Users always prefer this tool over others due to its features. So, let’s talk about it in detail.

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No grammar errors

While rewriting the content, a person may face many grammatical issues in his new text.

But this tool ensures to make the new content grammatically perfect that makes its fluency better.

Simple interphase

The interphase of this rewriter is very simple as everyone can use it quite easily.

With just a few clicks, one can get unique content for him.

No registration required

While most online tools demand signup before usage, this is irritating for the users as they want to save their time here.

This article rewriter provides this facility to its users as they don’t have to register themselves before using it.

He can go and use this tool without registration.

Efficient performance

Using this text rewriter, one can increase his work efficiency. This tool performs more tasks in less time.

This can improve the writing career as he can take more tasks in less time from this tool.


While looking for a fast essay rewriter, one can’t forget to use this tool as it is most famous due to its speed.

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Here we will describe some of its best features that keep it among the best rewriters.

Fast processing

The best feature of this tool is that it is speedy and provides results instantly.

A person can generate unique and striking words from this rewriting tool in no time and use it in his articles.

Deep study

Although the performance of this sentence rewriter is speedy, it also cares about the sense of lines.

It generates such lines in the new text that make sense. For this, AI technology studies the content deeply.

Free to use

One can use this tool without any cost or registration. All the features of this tool are free for the users.

SEO optimized content

The content generated in the end is fully optimized as it makes the usage of keywords perfect.

The algorithm used in this tool keeps your content fully optimized with increasing its readability.


Among the best article spinners, this tool lies among the top due to its performance.

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Here we will discuss some best features of this sentence rewriter.

Content comparison

This feature is not supported by every free tool. Users can only get new content for him, and the original one gets removed from there.

But this rewriter provides this option to its users as they can compare the original text with the new one and see its changes.

Length set

While rewriting the new text, the user can also set the length for the recent article.

He can give command of the percentage at which this tool will make changes and make it unique.

Quality content

The content generated in the end by this tool is of good quality. It doesn’t add unnecessary lines in the context to make it lengthy.

This tool makes sure the quality gets better, and the usage of words make it more striking and enchanting.

Secure to use

Users always look for a safe tool on the internet that can’t copy their data or may not harm their identity.

This tool is all safe to use, and it provides complete security to its users that make it more reliable and trustable.


In the most entertaining article spinners, this tool also keeps its place among the best article rewriters.

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Here we will tell you the best thing about this tool that the users usually like.

Multiple languages

This paragraph rewriter supports multiple languages. So, a user can get results in more than one language.

He can also change the language after getting new content. This tool supports 7 different languages.

Compatible anywhere

Users can use this tool on every browser and device as it is supported everywhere.

It works smoothly on every browser and doesn’t lose its operating speed.

Best fluency

While rewriting the article, it ensures the fluency of new text remains best and understanding.

It helps in the SEO of content and make the content more readable.

Free to use

This rewriter is free to use. So, users are getting all of its features for free and make their articles unique.

Final words

Generating unique and powerful content in no time can be difficult. It takes time to read long articles and getting the main ideas from there.

These text rewriters can help the users in this term as they can make the old content unique for them instantly.

It helps to save the time of a user and make new content grammatically free of errors.