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Apps Can Make or Break Your Startup: Here’s Why

Being an entrepreneur is tough, especially if you have just started out with a business or company. I understand you. In fact, I am myself an entrepreneur; I am the founder of the tech blog “TechSavvy”. Therefore, this post will show you the apps that you should be using and why they are so important so as to warrant a place on your smartphone, tab or iPad.

Moving on as an entrepreneur, you got to set some things straight first.

#1. You got to increase your productivity.

#2. You got to minimise the staff requirement.

#3. You got to make it easy for your staff to collaborate. If you run a one-man show, then you must make it easier for you to keep working for your startup efficiently no matter where the hell you are.

And to fulfil these three requirements and make it much easier for you to run your startup, I bring to you this post on:

The Apps Every Entrepreneur Should Have

Make no mistakes. The apps I have listed are not just my opinion. I have reached out to several entrepreneurs (some of whom, who have made it big time) from whom I have got this information.

#1. Apps for Cloud Storage

If you haven’t moved to the cloud already, then you have no idea of the amount of productivity that you are losing. Apps like Dropbox, Google Drive or iCloud provides you with innumerable tools, which allows your team members to collaborate on a project or work quite easily. In addition, you can also download, the files from any device whatsoever. And so, even if you change phones you won’t have the problem of transferring all the data from one phone to another.

Plus, cloud storage is safer. You don’t need to worry about the security of your files once you move them to the cloud. That’s what multinational companies like Google, Dropbox and Apple are pouring millions of dollars for.

So, if you are going to move to the cloud to store your files, I recommend you use the apps Dropbox or Google Drive. Nishant Panchal, CTO and Co-Founder of Noteworth (a healthtech/SaaS startup that connects healthcare organisations to on-demand patient-generated health data from wearables and FDA-approved connected medical devices) uses both Dropbox and Google Drive to ensure our files are always available and can be accessed by any team member anytime, anywhere.

However, Marina, CTO & Co-founder of travel startup CruiseBe, prefer Google Drive over Dropbox. Here’s what she had to say.

“Initially, we used Dropbox and we just shared Word or Excel, but we understood that Google Services was much easier and better”.

#2 Apps for Messaging and Increasing Productivity.

Messaging team members and keeping each other updated with the regular progress and leftover work is essential for a startup. Like you, I thought Whatsapp, would suffice. Turns out while the app is great, it is too mainstream for most business owners.

So what did they choose?

Glad you asked!

Most business and startup owners preferred an app called Slack, which according to them can increase your productivity manifold.

Marina, whom I referred to a little while ago, found that Slack as a messaging app is very helpful and can increase productivity a lot. She also tells that she tried other forms of communication like Skype, Sococo, emails, even messengers but they managed to save quite a lot of time after using the app “Slack”.

apps for entrepreneurs

Nick Santora of Curricula (a cyber security company), John of Meow Wolf (a DIY Santa Fe arts collective), R Sophia of Maidstr and Christoph Seitz (CEO) of CFR Rinkens also use Slack. Companies like Aztec (a fintech firm based out of Los Angeles) and Acuity (an accounting firm) are highly reliant on Slack.

Anyhow, if you are looking to increase productivity even more, then you might try out the app “Evernote”, which lets you organise your work and tasks at hand and take notes whenever and wherever you want.

If you are looking to manage your time, I would recommend that you try the app “RescueTime”. It basically tracks the time that you spend on apps and sites and provides you with detailed reports based on what you did all throughout your day. However, if you are a master procrastinator, I recommend you check out this post on Apps which can destroy Procrastination.

#3. Apps related to your Niche

It doesn’t matter what niche your business/company belong to. You need to spend time researching on apps related to that niche. If you do that, you are sure to see your sales skyrocket in no time.


Well, I got some examples for you!

Souvla is a fine casual Greek restaurant in San Francisco, known for their rotisserie-roasted meats, unique sides, and soft serve Greek yoghurt. They opened their immensely popular Hayes Valley location in 2012 and have since grown to three locations throughout San Francisco.

They implement a number of technologies including an exclusive partnership with delivery app Caviar. Currently delivery makes up 23% of their total business and they even utilised delivery data to help them pinpoint popular areas of San Francisco which influenced opening their 2nd and 3rd locations.

All of his employees and managers utilise Homebase for scheduling. On his iPhone, Charles uses Lutron to control the lighting throughout the restaurant, Sonos for sound, both of which seem small in the grand scheme of things but for those that have been to a Souvla, they understand how important overall ambience is to the experience.

As you can see, it seems the success of this restaurant mostly depends on the apps they use! Almost their entire restaurant is run using apps like Homebase, Lutron and Sonos while they depend on Caviar for 23% of their profits.

Moving on to the next category, which is-

#4. Apps for Marketing and to increase your online presence

Not much of a secret here. You got to use Twitter and LinkedIn a lot.

If you think the reason behind me saying so, I think the best answer can be given quoting Richard, who is the Managing Partner of LightRock Consulting.

“Connections to people are above and beyond the most important aspect of our business. In order to develop new connections and foster existing ones, we heavily rely on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn provides us with the tools to convert cold connections into warm ones by uncovering previously unknown linkages. These links can be through common schooling, prior company experience, personal connections, group interests, etc.

Through the use of LinkedIn, we’ve been able to double our consulting bench strength, while still ensuring quality consultants through reference cross checking. We only staff consultants that we know and trust. LinkedIn is a critical tool to ensuring our dedication to superior client service.”

The take in from this: Use LinkedIn to discover previously unknown linkages and develop connections with people related to your niche.

As for Twitter, it is a must-have app nowadays for increasing your brand visibility.

Tip – Use Crowdfire to increase your followers and increase your brand visibility among potential customers and influencers in your niche.

apps for entrepreneurs

Now for improving your brand’s Facebook or Instagram page, I suggest you use apps like Canva or Crello. These apps allow you to create interesting image content for social media and growing engagement on these pages.

#5. Apps for Payment

I think I don’t need to delve much into details for this category. But if you need to perform several digital transactions, then you should opt for Paypal, which lets you perform transactions easily and fast through your smartphone.

That’s all for the best apps for entrepreneurs in 2017. If you use these apps, you will surely find quite an upward impact on the growth of your startup. If you have any query or have any other apps to share, do drop it in the comments!

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