You must have noticed that you’ve been receiving several emails from reputed websites that they are changing their privacy policy. The first email I received from was Google, and then I’ve started to get more emails from various websites like Dailymotion, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, and others.

The sudden changes made by companies aren’t coincident because a rule has passed, which made companies make compliance changes to their privacy policy. The privacy policy changes are made because of GDPR rules.

What is GDPR?

The European Union (EU) enables citizens of the country to maintain their privacy from the personal information or individual information collection companies. It is magnificent guidelines that keep big-time players on the check, but it is the first step.

It is mandatory that every website, blog, online service, and others have to create, edit, and maintain GDPR compliance website, or else, then you can sue for it.

According to strong sources, 26.7% websites on World Wide Web runs on WordPress. Unfortunately, the majority of the website founders have nothing to zero knowledge in GDPR compliance, which can land them in trouble by “The European Union” EU.

Now, how do you make GDPR compliance website? Major changes in your site won’t make a difference if you don’t know that rules.

Solution: Complianz GDPR Premium Plugin

Smart entrepreneurs always look for an opportunity to solve the problem, whenever it arises. We have smart WordPress plugin developers in the community, who have worked hard to put together a smart GDPR compliance plugin that helps you make your website adjust to the new guidelines.

How does it work?

Allow us to show you how the whole complianz GDPR works!

Install 1: Download the plugin, and upload.

Install 2: Once the plugin installed on your WordPress account, then you are redirected to the plugins page.

Install 3: You can purchase the license, or select the first option, which will take you to “Insert License” page.

Install 4: Make sure that you have purchased a license, and then paste License in the empty blank page.

Install 5: Enter your license key, and hit enter. You have to wait for at least two seconds to one minute for the license to verify and activate. You will find a GREEN ACTIVE sign beside entering, which is the sign of activation.

How to configure?

The next step is extremely easy to proceed, and you don’t need additional knowledge to get through it.

Wizard 0: Click on Complianz > Wizard.

Wizard 1: In the first row, you have, if you want to add a privacy policy or not? It’s your call! And, the second one also ask you whether you would like to add a disclaimer page or not? Again, it’s your call. I prefer you to add both pages because every website should have these pages. Now, click NEXT!

Wizard 2: In the first, you have explained the status of the security by theme security breach. In the second, you have to tell, if the content on the website is self-generated, or someone else. If you are a blogger, then it is your content.

If you are a blogger that generate content based on stories, then it is your content. You get two more options to tell the world about the content generated by your or someone else.

Wizard 3: Let the plugin detect it for you, but you should do a safety check on the plugin and add them to cookie policy.

Wizard 4: Let the plugin do an automatic scan on cookies, but you can also re-scan it to make sure that nothing has changed or modified.

Wizard 5: If you use Google Analytics, then select the third option for the first question. If you use statistical cookies, then click on YES. Make sure to read the rest of the three questions properly, and then choose your answer correctly.

Once you have answered every question, then you can click on SAVE to complete the process.

You also get one more option “COOKIE WARNING” that lets you control and warm cookies to the users. You must always take permission of the readers or users before collecting their information. Mention what you collect and use the information in Disclaimer and Privacy policy in simple language.


Major companies on purpose, robotic-ally write their privacy policy, which makes it difficult for an average person to understand. But, you have to make sure they know what you are collecting and going to use it. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.


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