It’s that time of the year that many cricket fans are looking forward to. The Indian Premier League (IPL) is finally back and this year, it seems like nothing is ever going to delay or postpone the matches. The league is finally back in India and it is better than ever with two more teams added into the mix.

While the IPL already has a huge following, more people will likely be watching this year. That said, more people are probably looking to find ways to keep themselves updated on the latest IPL happenings. Some would even want to know what IPL satta app they can download to place their bets.

Speaking of apps, there are now plenty of mobile apps that cricket fans can download. Whether it’s for the latest IPL updates or to bet on their favorite teams, these apps can be very beneficial. Here’s why you should download cricket-related apps if you enjoy watching the IPL and any other cricket events.

Live Scores and Updates

If you can’t watch the matches live, many cricket apps ensure you’re still updated on the latest happenings including real-time scores. Aside from that, some apps would also give commentary updates. Some would even include highlight clips that don’t allow you to miss anything exciting.

Aside from the official scores, some apps also allow fans to talk about recent cricket events. Fans themselves are also allowed to post their analysis on matches or how teams/players are performing.

Cricket Betting

With the popularity of the IPL or cricket comes the rise of cricket betting. In India, it is estimated that over 370 million people would bet on major cricket events each year. This may include the IPL, the T20 World Cup, and more.

Today, there are now plenty of sports betting apps that offer odds on cricket. Some sites even focus heavily on cricket like 10CRIC. Some bookies don’t just offer cricket betting but live streaming services too, which we will get into in a bit.

With cricket betting apps available, it’s easier to participate in in-game or in-play betting. This could make your viewing experience more thrilling and exciting. Being able to place bets with the match in progress was hard to do so in the past, and now, it’s so quick and easy.

Live Streaming

There are cricket betting apps that offer live streaming of IPL matches. This is very handy if you will be betting on cricket in-game. But some apps don’t offer betting odds but stream the matches live. They are best for people on the go who don’t want to miss any matches but can’t be home to watch the live broadcast.

Popular Cricket Apps You Should Try

Wondering which apps you should be giving a try before the latest IPL season ends? Here are some of the bests that we do recommend!

  • CricHeroes

CricHeroes gives fans ball-by-ball commentary and live cricket scores on any cricket match. It also offers live streaming of the latest cricket tournaments including the IPL. This is one of the best cricket apps that fans should check out because they get to create their profile where they can share their thoughts on the latest cricket events.

Think of it as a social media platform for cricket fans like Facebook. This is also an app where fans can enjoy news, videos, polls, and quizzes. It’s a very interactive app that real fans should check.

  • 10CRIC

If you’re looking for a betting app where you can place regular and live bets, you can go for 10CRIC. This is an international betting app but it is mainly focused on the Indian market. This is why you can expect that it has some of the best IPL odds today.

Aside from the IPL, it also offers odds on both minor and major cricket events. If you want to take a break from cricket, then this is also an app that you can use to bet on other sports like football, kabaddi, tennis, and many more. It has a great selection of casino games too!

  • Cricbuzz

If you’re a fan who only really wants to be in the know of the latest cricket happenings, Cricbuzz is an easy choice. It’s very popular with cricket fans and if you think CricHeroes is too much for you, then this is the better option.

Cricbuzz has the latest scores, ball by ball commentary, rankings, stats, and records of your favorite cricket teams and superstars. It also has exclusive video content and the schedules of the upcoming cricket matches that you shouldn’t miss.