3D modeling is actively used in various fields. Medicine, industry, commerce, education and, of course, the gaming sphere have completely transformed thanks to the ability to use 3D models. And today we will talk about one of the types of 3D modeling, which is called sculpting.

Sculpting is not a common practice in a casual game company. This is a rather complex technology that can be used by experienced 3D artists with extensive skills and deep knowledge of anatomy, composition, perspective and more. Why exactly this name and what is its essence? Let’s figure it out.

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What Is 3D Sculpting?

As the name suggests, sculpting is a technology for creating a 3D model using special tools that allow you to manipulate the model as if it were made of clay. That is, the artist can stretch, squeeze, pull, smooth and match any other actions with digital objects that are created.

A sculpture can be created from scratch or derived from some basic model. Usually, everything starts with some elementary figure like a ball: it is most convenient to work with it. Clay-like material is formed using high-precision polygonal meshes.

What’s the point of sculpting? Today, it is a great evolutionary achievement in the field of 3D modeling. While there are other tools and options for creating models, sculpting has a particular advantage. While sculpting a model, the artist does not think about the number of polygons. The main goal is to achieve maximum detail and realism of the created object. The precision you can achieve with sculpting is incredibly high. This makes it possible to use the obtained models for 3D printing.

Sculpting and Classic Modeling

The creation of 3D objects is commonly referred to as modeling. It is about using polygons to form a model. Polygons are flat, so they need to be constantly manipulated to get the correct 3D mesh. As a result, it turns out that the artist uses geometric shapes in the form of points and lines to create a model. This is great for objects with right angles such as desks, cabinets, buildings, and more. But if you need to create a model of a person, geometric manipulation of polygons may not be the most efficient way.

Then sculpting comes to the rescue. It is closer to an organic procedure as the artist uses brush-like tools to manipulate the mesh of the element. There are practically no sharp corners here, and if they are needed, then they are more difficult to make than by the method of classical modeling. Sculpting is more suitable for soft shapes and edges. It also helps to add small details that are almost impossible to do in any other way.

Modeling can be used in conjunction with sculpting. For example, an object first takes shape using standard modeling tools and then gets the desired details using sculpting. If the model needs to be animated, the animators do so using the original low-resolution model. When everything is ready, the artists simply overlay the finished sculpt on the animation and render it.

Final Words

3D sculpture is a versatile art tool that can be useful in many industries. The flexibility of sculpting tools allows you to create elements that are indistinguishable from real ones. At the same time, high detail makes it possible to use the created sculptures for 3D printing.

Sculpting is not a simple craft. It takes time, patience and a lot of effort to master it. If you don’t have the opportunity to do this yourself, then check out Kevuru Games at https://kevurugames.com/game-art/3d-sculpting/. Here you will find first-class sculptors and 3D modelers who can implement a project of any complexity.