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The number of new online casinos has grown over the past few years and many players are to date enjoying the selection of different games which provide different experiences for each one. There are various reasons why online casino and gaming operators and websites such as NetBet have grown in popularity, thanks to several different and unique aspects.

Some of the fundamental reasons for the increase in demand for this activity has been primarily due to:

  • A selection of different games to play online
  • The technological advancements that are behind every website operator
  • The reduction in transaction costs
  • The instant payment options
  • The ease-of-use when playing on online gambling or casino sites

With the popularity, so has the competition upped their game. However, the process of bringing the game into your home so you can switch on your laptop and enjoy a game or two has been meticulously created by a team of experts. This article looks at some of these experts who play a crucial hand in developing such games for your enjoyment, and also a two-fold advantage of knowing what goes into them so you too can create one of your own.

The People Involved in The Creation of an Online Casino Game

The software required to create a fully functional online slot game doesn’t happen automatically overnight and is a culmination of a few geniuses with different intelligence and skills. Those who are involved in making these games come alive include the below:


That’s correct. If you didn’t know it by now, there are some math geniuses working behind the scenes when a new game is being created. This is because the process involves a popular strategy known as “random number generators” or RNGs. According to an online security website, “This is a software or hardware device algorithm that generates a random number taken from an unlimited or limited distribution and outputs it”.

There are two types of RNGs, namely “true” and “pseudo”. The pseudotypes rely on algorithms while the true number generators are based on cryptography. When you operate a legitimate website, this method is used to establish the integrity of a game, so that it remains fair.

The mathematicians play a part in developing these two types of software for slot machines, which follow a pattern that cannot be predicted by any human.


When you play an online slot game and you are enjoying the design, themes, symbols, letters, and buttons, this is the job of the designer to make sure they create a design that is attractive to a player, as opposed to a boring one. They emphasize the over details of the game and plan how things will look, feel and blend in with the game.

Sound and Tech Teams

What is a slot game without any sound? Boring. Music writers, producers, and editors are responsible for putting the right music together to achieve the best sound effects and engagement of the player.

The tech teams include graphic designers and system developers who do all the coding for the slot games. The most preferred programming language to code any games like these is HTML5, this is so that players can also use their mobile phones to play the games.


Once everything is put together, the testers come in, to test the game and see that everything works perfectly fine. Their job is to ensure the software works properly without any glitches, including checks on the RNGs, as mentioned above.

There is a lot more that goes into the creation of an online slot or casino game, but the above can give you a brief idea of things that happen behind the scenes, so you can appreciate it more the next time you are online.

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