In a modern world, few right clicks are enough to find some kind of a miracle fat loss workout routine, especially if you are a training beginner. Numerous pieces of advice from different training perspectives are available. In such a mess it is really hard for a complete training beginner to filter the right information.

Tons of gym equipment suggested different dietary bits of advice and a complete prohibition of a different kind of food are just some of the underlined words you can find in a majority of fat loss training routines. On the other side, the story about getting fat is simple.

The surplus in calories intakes combined with zero or very low level of exercise, combined with prolonged periods of being inactive. That is a real cause of why our bodies store fat. In the fat-loss equation, you want to change x and y. Those are calories intake volume and level of exercising (calories burned).

So, let’s talk about that y in our equation, burning calories with kettlebell fat loss workout routine.

Fat burning process

Why kettlebells are a perfect tool for a beginner to burn fat and lose weight? It is because of their simplicity of usage and a wide range of benefits you have while you burn a lot of calories.

If you compare kettlebell weight loss routine with a prolonged aerobic treadmill routine, there are numerous reasons why you should choose kettlebells. Cyclic routines like treadmill, become very boring after a while and have a small impact on your post-work metabolism.

On the other hand, high-intensity kettlebell workout will build strength, hypertrophy, endurance, aerobic and anaerobic capacities and boost your post-workout metabolism. Burning calories with high-intensity kettlebell training, prolonged metabolism effect caused by it and an appropriate diet plan will burn your fat much faster.

So how should that fat loss routine look like?

Kettlebell fat loss routine

Like any other training routine, it should start with a proper warm-up. It consists of a proper release of muscle and joints combined with proper muscle activation. Start with some myofascial release (rollers, lacrosse balls).

Next, add some mobility and dynamic stretching routines. Once done, activate your muscles to prepare yourself for burning fats with the kettlebell. As already said, our training is quick and high in intensity.

Also, it should consist of compound moves like picking things up from the floor (deadlift variations), squatting, rotation movement patterns, pushing and pulling patterns. That will help burn calories and transfer training effects to injury prevention and a pain-free way of life.

The high-intensity kettlebell weight loss routine looks like this;

1) 1 Hand Kettlebell Floor Press

2) 1 Hand Kettlebell Farmer Walk

3) 1 Hand Kettlebell Overhead Press

4) Kettlebell Goblet Squat

5) Kettlebell Deadlift + 2 hand Kettlebell High Pull

6) 1 Hand Kettlebell Row

7) 2 Hand kettlebell Swing

8) Rope Jumping

You do all of the exercises for 30 seconds, and you have 30 seconds of rest between exercises. Start from number 1 and finish the circle with rope jumping. After you finish the last exercise, you have a 2 minutes break.

That makes a circle 1 done.

To finish up a complete fat loss training you need to complete 4 circles. It makes a total of 40 minutes of kettlebell training which you will repeat 3-4 times a week. In 1 hand exercises, you alternate between right and left hand. Chose the right weight of the bell.

In most of the cases men start with 16 KG, and women with 8-12 KG bell. Also, it is important to learn basic kettlebell techniques under the eye of a professional before you start melting fat.

Fat-free life

The results will come. Body fat will meltdown and you will get stronger and more muscular step by step. All in all, you will feel better and you will look better. Even professional athletes had to hit the gym to improve their body mass and they all had training with kettlebells. That’s what differentiates an amateur college footballer, from an athlete competing in the upcoming Superbowl 2020.

You might not be a professional athlete, but you can develop a dedication to your goals. Losing fat and getting healthier is your goal. That is your Superbowl.


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