Backlinks in 2021 – Best Strategies For Quality Backlink


Backlinks in 2021

In the world of constant upgrades and changing algorithms, it becomes difficult to plan an exact SEO strategy that can offer you impressive results from time to time. When it comes to creating an effective optimization plan, you need to consider three segments, i.e., efficient online SEO, stay active on social media platforms, and work on backlinks. Considering the term backlinks, it tends to create a lot of confusion among people of the online community as harsh penalties are there if you are unable to keep up with the rules. You need to work on various strategies that can lead to more accurate link building results.

Supporting a website that is mobile-friendly can make your link building process relatively smooth. Believing the Statista, more than 73 percent of eCommerce sales come from mobile. Hence at this point, building brand trust and online presence through link building become essential. Do you want to learn more about link building and its role in enhancing your website in search engine rankings? If yes, then you have come to the right place.

What is Link Building or Backlinking?

The process of building connections with other websites by placing your content link or the website link on them is called link building. It can be counted as a strategy used in SEO or search engine optimization to enhance your brand reputation in the eyes of Google searches. It improves your overall online presence by helping you generate leads. You can easily drive traffic to your site if you plan effective strategies to use the technique of link building to promote your business.

In the process of link building, you need to work on keyword research as you do in other SEO strategies. You can use this technique to find out the rankings of your website pages. Other than that, you can link your high-quality pages to other reputed websites in order to build trust and expand your organic reach. You need to keep in mind that if you are using a banner ad or other sort of paid links on any website, it will be deemed “nofollow” by the Google Page Rank system.

To achieve organic traffic, it is always recommended to use techniques like participating in podcasts, writing blogs, and more. In this way, you can build long term relationships with more and more customers by building your brand further. All you need is to work on effective strategies. Now the question is – What are the best strategies for building quality links?

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Effective Strategies For Quality Backlink!

You can follow a number of tips and tricks to build quality links, and here we are discussing some of the most effective ones.

Business Listings:

You will find sites like Yelp, Trip Advisor, Facebook, and more that offer impressive link building opportunities to people. Yes, you guessed it right. These links are nofollow links, but still, it is counted as one of the easiest ways to enhance your online presence. Except these, you can use Google My Business (GMB), Yahoo Local, and more to get valuable results in terms of local SEO optimization.

Resource Link Building:

You need to accept the fact that the majority of the people think that by opting for big and complicated tactics, they can get a better result in link building. But this is just the myth. Resource link building can be an effective way in this category. All you need is to identify how your business can add value to the audience. By gathering all the information regarding the same, you can create different resource pages and earn quality backlinks. The pages related to travel and tourism guidelines, local government, and more are said to be the resource pages. These are valuable because users find appropriate information on these.

Broken Link Building:

To improve the organic reach and get a better position in search rankings, you can replace the broken links on external websites. For this, you need to follow a procedure of three steps only. You can start by entering the competitor’s website into a platform like Ahrefs site explorer. Here you get the filter for broken backlinks. After you get one, you need to create impactful content on that specific page so that the link can be replaced easily. By reaching out to the webmaster, you can easily rectify whether they are willing to replace that broken link or not.

Business Association Links:

In case you are a member of any business association or other specialist body, then you can easily earn links to your site. This technique is known as Business Association Links. To start with, you can prepare a list of all the associations you are a member of. Check out the member page on their website and proceed further to build your link.

Focus on Content Formats:

You can easily create effective backup links by focusing on your content. You can work on list posts, quizzes, why posts, how-to posts, videos, and other interesting content material to attract the attention of viewers. You can also take the help of seasonal campaigns for festive seasons, including Christmas, Easter, and more. You can make a list of the noteworthy dates taking place on the calendar for a year and drive traffic to your website by creating interesting seasonal content. Not only this content will get limelight, but people will share that too, which automatically leads to further backlinks.

Role of Digital PR:

You can’t overlook the importance of digital PR when it comes to getting quality links to your website. If you are a brand that stands out, then you can easily get into the eyes of Journalists that rely on PRs for their stories with the help of a digital PR agency. This way will let you earn valuable links from the most prominent publications in your industry. You can boost your website visitors and the profits too. Using Google Analytics, you can easily monitor the growth in traffic rate.

Present Virtual Events:

You can also fetch relevant links by sponsoring music concerts and other virtual events. This can expand your reach by creating additional backlinks. You can go into partnership with local organizations to create your visibility. Many business entrepreneurs are considering this way for better link building in 2021.

Role of Sites like Quora:

Yes, there are many sites available in the market that focus on question-answer form. Quora is one of them, and it had over 300 million users in the year 2020. The best part is it enhances your SEO too. To proceed in the right direction, you need to find posts with a good volume of traffic. You can answer these questions appropriately and add the keywords too. Yes, the quora links are nofollow, but these are a part of the entire link building strategy and helps your business image in the future.


Wrapping up, you will find different tactics to get backlinks to your website, but you need to pick the right one depending on the type of business, the competition, and the marketing condition. The above-mentioned strategies can help all types of businesses to earn quality links in one way or the other. All you need is to follow the right approach. You can also take the help of professional digital marketing experts who can guide you along the way.

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