The invention of macOS operating system enlarged possibilities for entertainment creators in different industries. Apple invented MacBook, Macintosh and modern Mac PC’s but it does not come with advanced tools to manage it. Even though the manufacturer did not leave a single possibility of a security breach and they have proven to create military-grade security for their computers.

What is AweEraser for Mac?

I have praised Apple’s security when it comes to securing macOS and other aspects of the software. However, the company does not reveal that they cannot stop privacy invasion happening from the consumer installed programs.

AweEraser is the best Mac data erasure software with an advanced military-grade program that designed to keep tracking files, junk files, RAW files, and other unnecessary files away from your Mac PC. The lightweight program doesn’t bother machine resources and it allows full control over what to remove and what not to remove from the machine.

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AweEraser Features & Functions

The macOS cleaner is not a freeware available in the web market, and it comes in two packages. The bundle names are 1) Personal Lifetime License ($29.95), and 2) Enterprise Lifetime License ($199.00). Of course, the developers added a trial version for the consumers, so they can be sure if they are investing in the right product.

a) Wiper

In the used market, Apple manufactured products are popular, and there are millions of sellers. Nobody would prefer to sell a MacBook or Mac PC leaving personal files and folders in it. Of course, you can reset the machine, which will remove all personal files in one zap.

It shouldn’t surprise the consumers that there are high chances to recover data from HDD and SSD drives. You can find hundreds of professional programs that can recover data from Apple drives without issues. The inbuilt military-grade wiper will remove every single fragment, which leaves zero chances of recovery.

b) Browser Cleaner

Browsers such as Chrome collect a lot of data from users, and we can control it at some level. However, we do not have control over cookies, history and cache and millions of sites take advantages of the loopholes.

Even Apple cannot restrict the sites from taking in-depth information about consumers because it is the right of the user. In such cases, MacBook or Mac owner must take action to keep the machine clean from trackers and files that spy on you. AweEraser advanced tool created to erase all sorts of history, cache, and cookies. The computer supports Chrome, Mozilla, Opera, and other popular browsers available on the web market.

c) Mac Uninstaller

The innovative macOS offers advanced features on the platform, and they have powerful uninstaller that leaves no traces in the folder. The MacBook or Mac does not require an additional uninstaller, but I consider Mac PC uninstaller as an easy method to uninstall applications. Getting rid of leftover fragments out of the system is an important aspect to maintain overall performance.

d) Cost-effective Solution

You have to spend a few bucks on premium solution per year, and it does affect the bank vault every year. The brain behind AweEraser created a permanent plan for such consumers, and now, you can purchase a lifetime license. The Enterprise Lifetime License comes at an affordable price of $199 with lifetime updates.

e) Security

I never install a program that isn’t published by a registered developer, and AweEraser is an unregistered macOS application. I have run a few security scans on the setup file and I used Virus Total to ensure that we are not installing malware or online threat. Virus Total has 200+ popular security programs integrated virtually, and the program successfully passed through it.

Can you imagine how much money you are saving per year? I am using a cleaner for almost 7 years now, and I could have saved a lot of money from a lifetime license.

Bottom Line

I almost forgot to add that you also get an advanced shredder, which deletes files and folders without leaving a trace of recovery. Fortunately, the program supports storage devices such as SSD, HDD, Memory card, Digital camera, and more. You can start with “personal Lifetime License” which comes at an affordable price of $29.95 and start fixing problems of the Mac PC.


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