The Bullshit-Free Guide to Attract Advertisers to Your Blog


If there’s anything a blogger loves except traffic, it has to be the advertiser.

There are several ways to monetize your blog and earn money; and direct advertisement is one of the most preferred ways to monetize. Usually it includes selling a specified space of your blog to them so that they can put up their ads there.

Compared to the affiliate marketing, its more awesome as it gives you full control on what you earn. And, no much risk is involved here.


But how to attract advertisers, right?

  • Well, most of he blogs today have dedicated ‘Advertise with us’ page, but still most of the blogs couldn’t get a perfect advertiser; mostly because of traffic.

So here’s an guide on how to attract the advertisers to your website.

Placing a Banner

The banner is an essential part of attracting the advertisers. As most of the advertisers tend to visit the homepage, the banner will directly take you to the homepage. Put it over the sidebar or at the top. You can use a plugin like OIO Publisher to automate this process.

Enhancing the Advertising Page

Advertisers are interested in facts and figures than anything else. You can release a media kit of your website in the advertising page. Media kit includes almost everything about your blog. It includes:

  • About your Facebook likes and twitter followers and so on. It also includes your blog’s PA, DA and PR.
  • Google Analytics Stats: Pageviews, bounce rate etc.
  • Advertising units available in your blog and rate of each of them.
  • Position of your posts in the search engine
  • Information about your traffic: sex-wise, age-wise, country-wise

Also include a contact form alongside it and mention the mode of payment.

Get in touch with other Bloggers

Blogging is not an one-man show, you have to build connections with other bloggers too. Irrespective your niche, you should make friendship with the bloggers, you never know when you need their help.

Not only you will get support and advice, you might also get to know about prosperous opportunities.

Be Specific-Niche

Advertisers usually look for blogs which are niche-specific rather than multi-niche blogs. They want more sales to their products so ofcourse they will look for blogs which adhere to their products. No advertiser would like to advertise about their gadget in a cookery blog.

Don’t Put Irrelevant Ads

It’s just a part of the former one. Don’t put unrelated ads to your blog like putting a cookery ad on a tech blog.

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By Sayantan Mahato

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