Artificial Intelligence Is Construction Technology’s Next Frontier


Data is the new oil of the 21st century. While big data or data analytics are not new terms, the importance of collected information has not been widely recognized until the last few decades. These days, more and more businesses, from small and medium to world-leading firms, keep growing quickly thanks to the efficient usage of gathered data.

It may take time and money to implement the latest technologies, such as SQL, Hadoop, AI, GSI, and so on, but the investment will soon pay off. In this article, we will show you 5 ways how big data may help companies and organizations improve their businesses.

1. Implement targeted and focused campaigns

Many companies and firms may make use of big data to develop and launch special products, which are tailored to the targeted customers. This can help them save a lot of money wasted on advertising campaigns that do not work.

Also, big data could help businesses create a more complex analysis of the latest trends. The analysis often includes the observation of point-of-sale transactions and tracking online purchases.

As a result, the insights from big data may allow organizations to plan and make targeted, focused, and more successful campaigns. More importantly, they can match or even exceed the expectations of the customers as well as built better brand loyalty.

2. Gain new customers and retain old customers

To stand out from other competitors, companies need to approach the market and promote their products or services in a unique way. Big data can help with this goal. By analyzing collected information, organizations would find out precisely what customers or clients are looking for and expecting. In other words, they would set up a good customer base and make a proper plan based on that.

New processes and techniques in big data observe carefully the patterns of clients and consumers. Based on the results, companies would build brand loyalty and collect more information to find out more methods and trends that would make customers satisfied. Amazon is a successful example.

The e-commerce giant has made use of this technique to provide its customers with personalized shopping experiences that you cannot find anywhere else. Search suggestions are not only based on past transactions, but also on customers’ browsing behavior, products that other people have purchased, as well as many other things.

3. Innovate products and services

Big data keeps helping organizations update their existing products and innovate new ones at the same time. By collecting and analyzing a lot of data, they many identify what should be done to meet the needs and demands of the customers.

To stay competitive in the market today, a business should not rely on its instinct. With the availability of so much information, they should make use of big data to track product success, customer feedback, as well as activities of other competitors.

4. Deal with more complicated networks of suppliers

Businesses may use big data to provide supplier networks with better insights and precision. Suppliers may stay away from obstacles that they often face with data analytics. Through these processes, they would use greater degrees of contextual intelligence, which plays a key role in achieving success.

Supply chain managers are now using big data to change the foundation of their supplier networks. This includes a higher level of collaboration, which allows for the application of new knowledge to current issues.

5. Identify possible risks

These days, there are many risks in the business environment. From macro factors, such as a pandemic, global crisis, and war to other issues, such as competition, fraud, compliance, security, media scandals, and more.

That’s why every company should design a proper process for risk management. Big data and data analytics play an important role in developing these new solutions. Based on past information, you may make use of artificial intelligence and create smart models to detect potential risks.

This can help your company develop proper strategies to prevent a major crisis before it occurs.

The bottom line

Consumers are getting bored with so many advertisements and commercials for services and products that they do not actually need. So, what makes them pay attention and choose your business?

With the availability of more collected information, big data may be one of the best ways to give you the right answer. Investing in these disruptive technologies can help your company make better decisions, reduce costs, speed up growth, boost revenue, and target the right groups of customers or clients.


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