Are Online Slot Machines Rigged?


Last updated on June 26th, 2021 at 09:59 am

You’ve probably heard people complain about losing money to slots. They might yell and curse at the machines and casinos they believed cost them money. But deep down, they understand one fact. When you play online slots, it all boils down to luck.

Slots are games of chance, meaning you can’t use skills to beat the house. You also don’t need experience. You could win ₹10,000 with your first ever slot game or lose the same amount of money as an experienced player.

When playing genuine slot online, you lose some bets and win others. Despite all of the above, people at times feel like online slots are rigged. Here’s why:

  • Losing bets consistently

If slots are purely luck-based, then you shouldn’t lose over and over. That’s true. When playing genuine online slots, you lose some bets and win others. Unfortunately, some people forget that it’s possible to lose more times than you win.

That’s how casinos make profits. If everyone made profits, casinos would all close down. People who make profits consistently use different strategies to win. For example, they target slots with the highest payout rates. They also play on multiple machines to avoid chasing losses on one game.

  • Games Crashing when you win

Every slot player dreads technical challenges. For one, they appear at the worst times. You could be enjoying a winning streak. And just when you get a bonus feature to help multiply your wins, the game crashes.

What could be worse? Some casinos confiscate your wins after a technical problem. And to many players, that’s a way to rig slot machines. It’s a genuine cause of frustration, but it doesn’t mean all online slots are rigged.

With the best casinos, you’ll almost never experience technical problems. Their websites operate smoothly round the clock. If there’s a technical issue, they resolve it most transparently. These are the casinos you should use to play. A few examples are listed on

  • Similar complaints from Friends

It’s always possible to hate the same game as your friends. So, when you lose in a game that your best friend also considers rigged, you can make a similar judgment. In some cases, you could be both correct. Some online casinos feature compromised software.

But in many cases, especially when playing famous slots, rigging is usually the last reason for losing a bet. Instead, you lose because that’s the nature of the game.

Modern online slots feature ironclad security to prevent being rigged. Some of them also provide proof of fairness. Continue reading to learn why most modern online slots nz are safe and fair.

  • Random Number Generators

Every online slot features a random number generating software that determines when you win and lose. Each game also has a specific payout rate regularly referred to as the return to player rate. Games can also be less volatile or highly volatile.

Experienced players choose moderately volatile games with high return to player rates. A somewhat volatile game means it pays out decent amounts of money at average time frames.

For comparison, a high volatile game doesn’t pay frequently. But when it does, it pays out up to millions of dollars. Think of progressive jackpots. Low volatile games, on the other hand, payout frequently but in small amounts.

  • Independent Auditing

No matter who develops slots, people have trust issues with them. To avoid doubt, online casinos now allow independent companies to audit their slot machines. Auditors review each game to check for signs of rigging. They also tend to evaluate other aspects of the casinos, like how it deals with payment-related complaints.

So, when you play games on top-rated casinos, you can be confident their games are fair. To be clear, the casinos must also be certified. It wouldn’t hurt if they also welcome you with free spins and bonus money.

There’s a new free spins list at in case you want to play fair casino games on Indian casinos with bonus money. If you join the casinos and fund your account, you also stand to win a 100% bonus from the websites.

  • Licensing and Regulation

Many rigged slots come from developers who create the games illegally. They also tend to corporate with unlicensed casinos. That way, they can defraud you, and there’s nothing you can because you have no one to help you.

Respected software, providers, however, have a reputation to safeguard. As such, they create games knowing they could lose their reputations if they began to develop rigged games. In many cases, they also operate under licenses.

Software developers like Microgaming operate in the UK not only because it’s one of the best places to run an online business but also because it offers proper licensing. Their regulators, Gibraltar, the UKGC and Alderney, also have set out rules they must meet before offering their games. The most important rule, obviously, being they provide safe, rig-proof games.

  • Proof of Fairness

Some online slots, particularly blockchain games, publish their algorithms to provide evidence of fairness. In fact, they show you how the entire process of determining whether you win or lose a bet works. And because the blockchain can’t be hacked, there are some of the fairest games online.

The technology used by blockchain slots to secure games doesn’t work on traditional online slots due to its nature. It uses hash algorithms built for the blockchain. These algorithms fingerprint each slot machine spin before producing a secret random number for the game.

The random number generator is linked to the game’s symbols so that you win if you trigger proper symbols. The blockchain stores records of everything happening around it. That makes it easy to get proof of your wins and losses. For example, they target PGSLOT slots with the highest payout rates.

To Conclude

Online slots can indeed be rigged. But if you play on respected online casinos, rigging should be the least of your concerns. That’s because these casinos get their games from software providers known for making fair games. They also hire independent auditors to verify that their games are fair. And if that’s not enough, some even feature systems to help you check their games are fair.

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