Apple Releasing a New MacBook Pro with Sleek Design & Anti-Glare Display [ Revealed]


Apple will launch a new laptop in the market in the MacBook Pro lineup. It has top-tier features like a 14-inch OLED display and butterfly keyboard. This new macOS device is extremely portable and lightweight than the previous versions.

Many MacBook Pro users have already faced overheating issues in the 13-inch model. Besides, the previous Mac laptops cause battery drainage issues. However, Apple resolved these problems with this latest MacBook Pro model. The company has changed the design of this Apple device.

Alongside, you will get exclusive features in this next-generation laptop. Users will get the option to upgrade the M1 chip to M1 Pro in this device. Besides, the MacBook Pro has a high-quality webcam, a large display, and more ports.

Though, these features are not something new that Apple added to the MacBooks. But, you will feel a significant difference when using them. Moreover, you can use the laptop for hours on a single charge. The 14-inch MacBook Pro will be ideal for creative professionals.

Do you want this new MacBook Pro? Check the following features to know more about this Apple product:

Premium and Sturdy Design

The 14-inch MacBook Pro looks pretty similar to the previous model. But, Apple has made significant improvements to this new laptop. It has a thinner bezel than the other Apple laptops. This is the first-ever MacBook Pro with a 0.5-inch bezel on the top, with a 0.3-inch bezel on each side of the device.

Contact MacBook screen replacement Dubai experts to fix the issue. Moreover, this Mac laptop has a notch which wasn’t there in the 13-inch MacBook Pro. Apple integrated the webcam in that rectangular space. Besides, the camera is located in the top centre of the display. It will allow the users to cover a wider area on a video call.

It weighs only 3.5 pounds and can be carried anywhere. Thus, if you are looking for a business laptop, go for this one. Moreover, school students and hardcore gamers can also buy it. This device is currently available in Space Gray colour. But, Apple might add a silver or a new colour scheme for the 14-inch MacBook Pro in the future.

What are the Drawbacks of the 14-Inch MacBook Pro’s Design?

The thinner bezels will let you move the Menu bar easily. You can add commands and perform the daily tasks using the Mac Menu bar. However, many face issues accessing the iStat menus, particularly when the Menu bar options are on the left. Unfortunately, you can’t change the Menu bar location. Thus, you must wait until Apple fixes this problem in the next OS update.

More Port Options

Apple is bringing back the MagSafe charging port in this MacBook Pro. Earlier, you could power up the device via a USB-C port. But, the macOS users can now charge the laptop by connecting the cable to the MagSafe port. Additionally, you will get an HDMI 2.0 port and memory card slot.

The HDMI port supports a single 4K display with a 60Hz refresh rate. Moreover, you will find an HDMI 2.1 port in the latest MacBook Pro model. This feature is for connecting the 4K display with a 120Hz refresh rate. There are also two Thunderbolt 4 and USB-C ports.

Besides, you get a headphone jack to connect the advanced gaming headsets. The MacBook Pro’s SD card reader supports only UHS-II format. And, it’s relatively faster than the UHS-I format and slower than the UHS-III. Insert the memory card in the slot and transfer large files easily.

Is there a USB-A Port in the 14-Inch MacBook Pro?

Apple didn’t add a USB-A port to this new Mac model. Thus, it will prevent you from connecting most wireless devices, such as the older mouse and keyboard models. You must buy an adapter to connect these accessories to the MacBook Pro.

Do you want to connect multiple gaming accessories? Then, buy a compatible docking station instead of an adapter. You can plug in the mouse, keyboard, and even headphones simultaneously. It will improve your gaming experience and is great for multi-monitor setups.

Large Display

Everything looks much brighter on the new MacBook Pro screen. Moreover, it has the Mini-LED Liquid Retina XDR display technology. Apple included it to improve the display’s contrast ratio. Additionally, this technology helps the macOS users to adjust the brightness level.

You can watch high-definition movies without changing the screen resolution. Besides, this new MacBook Pro has a ProMotion 120Hz refresh rate. And, it is ideal for playing multiplayer games.

This high refresh rate is perfect for browsing the internet using Safari. But, the 120Hz refresh rate might not work in some macOS apps.

The 13-inch MacBook Pro’s display offers 109.3% of the sRGB gamut. Whereas, this new Mac laptop produces 109.6% of the sRGB gamut. It has a high-quality screen which emits up to 487.8 nits. Besides, Apple has also included True Tone technology in the display. It will help you to use the laptop in low light conditions.

Is the 14-inch MacBook Pro Designed for Gaming?

The latest MacBook Pro features a 16-core CPU and a new M1 Pro chip. And, you can play Valorant and Call of Duty: Warzone at a high FPS rate. Moreover, users won’t face ping problems while streaming the video games on the MacBook Pro.

But, don’t change the screen resolution when playing online games. It might drop the FPS and prevent you from entering the game lobby. Besides, it delivers power pack performance and can last up to 14 hours. This high-end Apple device has 32GB of RAM and SSD storage. And, you can download a 1TB game file without hurdles.

This Mac laptop has a comfortable keyboard, and it can increase your typing speed and accuracy. There is no Touch Bar in this new 14-inch MacBook Pro. Instead, Apple added Function keys and an Escape key to the laptop. Furthermore, you get a power button with Touch ID biometric security to unlock the device. So, if you are not running on a low budget, get this new MacBook Pro now.

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