Anime Fever: 5 Most Viewed Anime Of All Time That You Might Want To Check

Are you tired of watching those real-life movies with the same effects and storyline? Then your best option to go is to watch an anime. To know what anime to pick, here is your guide of the most viewed anime of all time you should check. Some of the list might include some spoilers.

1.Dragon Ball

Are you that millennial who’s watching anime since childhood? Then you are already familiar with Dragon Ball and its movies. Son Goku, a little boy, was transferred to planet earth by his father because of the war on their planet. Goku, later on, arrived on earth and was living a not so simple life in the woods without any friends or relatives.

Dragon Ball is a combination of fighting, adventure, and comedy type of anime. Watching Dragon Ball, you will never get bored because it has a unique storyline. You should also expect a lot of fighting against powerful villains. Another great reason to watch Dragon Ball anime is its special effects and graphics, especially in its newer season.

If you want to know where to watch Dragon Ball, there are many best anime apps out there that you can check. Some of these anime apps are for free, so you don’t need to worry about paying for anime. You can watch Dragon Ball anywhere and anytime with these sites.

2.One Piece

Want to watch an anime full of adventures? One Piece is the perfect one of a kind anime that you should put on your list. Most people who viewed this anime in the past are still hooked-up on this anime until now since the season is still ongoing. It was more than 20 years since the first episode was streamed, and the story all started by the Pirate King.

One Piece is an item or power that the Pirate King hid before he died; because of that, all of the pirates, including Monkey D. Luffy, the lead cast of these anime, are still searching. The treasure was so famous and intriguing that the most powerful characters in this anime are willing to exchange their life to get their hands on it.


Pokemon is one of the most famous anime series that you can watch right now. It has at least 1000 episodes and still ongoing, it will be hard to catch-up, but you will enjoy watching this anime. It’s perfect for younger people since its storyline provides good morals, adventure, and action.

The lead characters in Pokemon are always traveling from one town to another, minimizing boredom to its watchers. Pokemon’s creator made a game that you can play on your mobile phone and act as an adventurer, just like in the anime itself.

The story of Pokemon is about Satoshi, a young boy who wanted to be the most exceptional Pokemon trainer. Satoshi always encounters difficult opponents, but he will never back down, he will do anything to attain his dream to be the best trainer. Satoshi’s Pokemon partner is the famous electric type Pokemon, Picachu. They fought many battles side-by-side.


Anyone in the world who watches anime surely knows who Naruto is. The story is based on the Japanese ninja era, where characters can use ninjutsu, taijutsu, and other ninja types of technique. The original anime series, which is the first season, has 220 episodes; meanwhile, the second season, which is Naruto Shippuden, has 500 episodes.

Right now, Naruto has a new season called Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. It is a story about Naruto’s son. Naruto became part of every anime fan’s lives since it provides an exciting storyline, and at the same time, it provides good morals like never giving up on something you want in your life.

To summarize Naruto’s life, he is a young boy who wants to be a Hokage. His life was not easy; Naruto’s parents died when he was just a baby because they needed to sacrifice their lives to seal the beast named Kurama. All people in his village hated and were afraid of Naruto because of its past, but Naruto took it as a challenge and did whatever he could to achieve his dream.

5.Death Note

Death Note only has 37 episodes and one movie, but you can never go wrong with this anime. If you want to try a compelling and unique anime, you must try watching Death Note. Watching Death Note guarantees a very suspenseful experience, and at the same time, you will be using your brain cells since the story is full of puzzles.

A little background of the movie, Light Yamagi, the lead character of Death Note, found a very peculiar notebook. At first, he didn’t know the power inside the Death Note, but later on, he uncovered it and used its powers to kill bad people. Light also met the owner of the Death Note, and since then, they both had the Death Note’s unique ability for their satisfaction.

Watch the classics

If you surf online for animes to watch, you will find millions of series, and you might end up being confused about what anime to pick. That’s now a problem anymore; all of the anime above is one of the greatest anime in history. You will never regret watching this anime series, and you might ask for more.