The Angry Birds series is one of the biggest franchises in the gaming industry for smartphones. Without a doubt, most of us have played this game at least once and probably uninstalled it because of frustration.

Angry Birds can get quite challenging as you progress through the levels. Rovio Entertainment released the first Angry Birds game also known as Angry Birds Classic in 2009 and since then there have been more than 15 different games all the way from 2009 to 2018 and even 2 Angry Birds movies!

Some of the games are Angry Birds: RIO, Angry Birds: Seasons, Angry Birds: Friends, Angry Birds: Star Wars and so many more! So, the Angry Birds Franchise has clearly been very successful. Most of the games are spin-offs and are not actually part of the storyline.

So far, there have been only 2 games that actually belong to the main storyline, namely, Angry Birds (Angry Birds Classic) and Angry Birds 2. Angry Birds 2 came out in 2015 and so far, has had over 100,000,000 downloads! Moving forward, let’s go through the features of Angry Birds 2 since that is what today’s article is about.


Title Angry Birds 2
Size 193MB
Platform Android
Publisher Rovio Entertainment Corporation
Rating 4.6


The graphics have always been impressive. The visuals and colors used are very attractive. The background and landscape during each level look like a watercolor painting. There’s something very dreamy about it.

But the main characters have a cartoonish look to them. So, there is a difference in graphics that exists which makes it attractive. The characters even express their emotion before attacking or after being attacked. It is very detailed. Weather dynamics have been incorporated into the game as well.


Like the other Angry Birds games, the birds are placed on a slingshot which you pull back in a particular direction in order to destroy the pigs that are hiding within forts called Pig Fortresses made of different materials like wood or stone.

Other than shooting birds that you unlocked, you can even shoot magic. There is a lot of extra equipment in this that can help you on this journey. During gameplay, there are three faceup cards that show what birds are available to you to play with during that level and there are three other cards that are face down, kept in the reserves.

When a faceup card is used, a reserve card then becomes a face-up card. So now, that bird can be used. So, the gameplay has changed a lot. There is one similar game like angry birds that is Redball 4 Mod apk, you can play that too. There are many extra features that have been added to the game that makes it much more challenging.



  • RED
  • BOMB


  • HAL


  • ZETA

As you can see, there are a bunch of characters you get to play with and battle against.


There are so many levels and challenges to complete. So, it is not possible to get bored while playing. There are unique boss battles, different Fortress structures that become challenging each level. You need patience and a cool head to get through the game! There are 57 chapters and each chapter has a certain number of levels with a total of 2180 levels! Each chapter is loosely based off a place in real life. For example, Feathery Hills is based on Beverly Hills and Pigsyland is based on Disney Land. There is a lot of exploring to do!


The in-game currency used is Gems. Gems can be used to unlock chests that give you amazing rewards. There are three types of chests, Common, Rare, and Legendary. Gems are earned by opening chests, completing quests, and weekly tournaments.


To help make your battle against the pigs more efficient, you can use spells as well that as mentioned in the gameplay section.

There are different spells like Blizzard, Hot Chili, Golden Ducks, Pig Inflator and so many more!

These are just a few of the many features available in this game. Moving on, you get unlimited gems, pearls, and energy with the MOD APK.


  • Uninstall the original version.
  • Click download and wait for Angry Birds 2 Mod.apk to download.

Download Angry Birds 2 MOD APK

  • Click download and wait for Angry Birds 2 cache file to download.
  • This downloaded file can be saved on either your phone’s memory or your SD card.
  • Install the APK file in your device by allowing Unknown Application Permission first.
  • The previous step is required for installing third-party applications without any issue.
  • Once your past these steps, you need to extract the cache file and add to the directory mentioned: SDCARD/internal storage/data/OBB
  • After that, go back to the download folder, open the Angry Birds 2 mod apk and enjoy.


So, if you’ve always been an Angry Birds fan then go ahead and download the Angry Birds 2 mod apk. Even if you’re new you can get a hang of this game. Follow the steps and enjoy!


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