How to Install Android on your PC Using Emulators [DIY Guide]

Android is an operating system loaded with lots of useful abilities that we can utilize for various needs. We all are very familiar with the word Android, so here in this “How to install android on PC” article, we shall find some popular Android Emulators to enjoy the Android experience on our PC. We have

enable camera2 api on mi a1

How to Enable Camera2 API on Mi A1 [Locked Bootloader]

Want to enable Camera2 API on Mi A1? Here’s the step-by-step guide which explains how you can force-enable the Camera2 API on your Xiaomi Mi A1 without tampering future OTA updates. I have also covered a tutorial to enable Camera2 API on Redmi Note 3 & Redmi 3S Prime. You can read it here. Why

fingerprint not working redmi

[Xiaomi Redmi] Fingerprint Sensor Not Working Properly? Fix it Now!

Have you ever faced trouble unlocking your Xiaomi Redmi devices with the fingerprint sensor? You’re not alone. Be it Redmi Note 3, Note 4, or even the flagship Mi6, the fingerprint sensor issue is common for Xiaomi smartphones. Sometimes, it doesn’t let you add a new fingerprint to the phone as well. Even I face

how to download instagram stories

How to Download Instagram Stories on Android, iOS & PC

One of the most popular features of Instagram is stories, that are, photos & videos uploaded quickly to the social profile and are removed automatically after 24 hours. Here’s a quick tutorial explaining how to download Instagram stories of other users. If you want to keep the Instagram stories for more than 24 hours or if you want to

How to Install Android OS on your PC Without Emulators [DIY Guide]

Have you ever wished to use Android applications especially video games on bigger displays with more controls? If yes, then this article how to install android on PC will help you fulfill your desire without using any emulators! As we all know Android operating systems are so much popular. These days, most people prefer Android more than meals ;). The easy, fast and fantastic overall performance made the platform highlighted from other OS.  Android is a lot beneficial to the fields consisting of training, profession, enjoyment, and studies. etc. Let’s move to

redmi 4x miui 9

How to Update Redmi 4X to MIUI Global Stable ROM

  The latest MIUI global stable ROM (NAMMIEK) for Redmi 4x has just been pushed out to few users via OTA and in order to perform the Redmi 4x MIUI 9 update, you need to check the Device Updater app included in the phone. If that doesn’t show any updates, you can manually download and update

How to Block Unwanted Messages on Android [DIY Guide]

Sometimes you may see some messages like “Today is your lucky day!! call 552560 toll-free and subscribe and play today and win iPhone 7”, especially if you are an Idea user. If you are annoyed with this, then this article, how to block spam messages in android will help you to get rid of this issue!

MIUI Global Stable ROM redmi 3s prime

Redmi 3S Prime: Download MIUI Global Stable ROM

Now download MIUI Global Stable ROM for Redmi 3S Prime: MIUI MALMIEK global stable ROM can be downloaded for Redmi 3S Prime by following this guide.This update is made available for selected users over OTA prompt and if you’re quite excited to get the firmware without waiting more, you can download the same for Redmi

How to Cast Your Android Screen to Windows PC [With & Without 3rd Party Apps]

  Look, It will be always fantastic if you can cast your smaller screen to a larger one. If you have to share something with a group of people, (consider while conducting classes or any other discussions with a comparatively higher number of people, so that we can easily share ideas related with the topic

redmi 1s miui 9 global stable

How to Update Redmi 1S to MIUI Global Stable ROM

It’s been years since Redmi 1S hit the market. But Xiaomi were reluctant to give periodical updates to the device. Thankfully, the device just received the MIUI global stable update over the air. This update brings much-awaited features to the device including design and usability tweaks. MIUI KHCMIEK global stable ROM can be downloaded for Redmi