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7 Things to Consider Before Buying an Android Tablet

(Last Updated On: September 19, 2013)

In present world, Tablets has changed mobile computing completely. The Tablet actually means that, it satisfies our basic and regular needs like browsing, reading books, watching videos etc. So, for an effective and satisfied best tablet you need to look for following features in an Android Tablet.

tablet features to look before buying

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There are many tablets coming into the market day by day. You can observe the price variation between tabs released by different companies is quite doubtful where the price of some tablets is too high and for the tablets with extraordinary features is priced very low. By this post you will be getting a clear idea to select a best tablet for you. These are few qualitties of a good tablet which you must look before buying.

1.Screen Size

The main thing to be noticed is its screen size and resolution. These two plays’s a major role in deciding the screen quality. As the screen size increases, the pixel density much also be increased proportionally.


The Processor speed matters a lot. For high performance like HD gaming you need a high end processor, minimum it must be a dual core processor.

3.User Interface

The UI is the key factor which creates interests in the users. So, before selecting the Tab it’s better to have a glance on all kinds of user interfaces provided by different companies on different tabs.


Ram and Internal Memory are the most important factors to keep attention while buying any android product. As we know Android required large amount of space on internal storage and consumes huge space on ram while running third party apps.
Processor, Ram and Internal memory, these hardware components reflects the performance of the applications and the operating system. If any of them is below the required level, we will suffer a lot.

5.Build Quality

The build quality comes under secondary option but, it actually depends on your budget. As the price increases, the quality of the product also increases.

6.Backward compatibility

Compatibility matters a lot. There are certain features which are not available on all tablets like OTG, this features helps you to browse the data in your pen drive. Even you can connect your PC mouse to the android tab. This shows how a single feature helps you a lot.

7.Easiness to Upgrade

Android is launching new updates for android after every 5-8 months and improving it day by day. Selecting the latest updated version of Android Tablet helps it to support all the major features and applications.

Final words.

Buying tablet is aone time investment so we must go for the best, because if it will be lacking any feature then we will not be able to enjoy it completely. So before buying any tablet from market checklist the things mentioned here and then make your life more easier.

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