With 85% of all cell phones in the US having some smart phone technology, the iPhone and Samsung smart phone models are dominating the market. The features consumers think are most important when making a smart phone selection include ease of use, technical capability to run applications, camera technology, and streaming to music and video. The new Fire smartphone by Amazon presents a competitive challenge in those areas, plus a retail market interface called Firefly that could be a game changer for the industry.

  • Amazon Is No Novice in Application Development

Although the perception is that apps for iPhones come in a wider variety, Android app development for Samsung phones and Kindle notepad apps development is fast on Apple developer’s heels. Yet, just as browsing technology and apps transformed the industry through Internet search functionality, Fire will make some browsing and apps obsolete.

  • Fire Stacks Up Nicely To Competition with Technology

What Samsung Galaxy and Amazon Fire have over Apple’s iPhone is the 16 megapixel rear cameras on the Galaxy and Fire versus iPhones’ 8 megapixel rear camera. Another feature of Fire is multiple camera positions creating a 3D effect to pictures taken. What the market vision of QR codes never quite realized Fire’s capability to point the user to the right place on the Internet captures the purpose of that industry market need.

  • Amazon Prime Music and Video Can Compete with Android and iTunes.

Connectivity to Google Play has given the Galaxy Android system a running chance at competing with the Apple products supported by iTunes. One of the short comings of Microsoft is lack of a branded entertainment platform. Without much success, Microsoft’s business application platform connectivity is a feature to compete with other smart phones. Amazon Prime service, sold for $99 per year, is being expanded to music selections that can be accessed at no additional cost for Prime subscribers.

  • Amazon Believes Firefly Will Become the Killer Application

Amazon knows that with the current saturation of smart phones in the US market, Fire phones must offer something worth trading up to. Firefly is an application integrated into the Amazon Fire that can scan a bar code on a product label and connect you to an online outlet to purchase the item. Also, even at a distance you can scan a telephone number on a sign and it will read it and enable you to dial that number with the push of a button. Yes, similar technologies are becoming available through various smartphone brands, however, the exclusivity of the Firefly application is a draw for customers.

Only time will reveal the true success of the Amazon Fire—it has the potential to shake up the industry, however, its success will depend on dozens of factors aside from the actual features of the phone. Marketing, pricing, convenience, and plenty of other factors will contribute to the success or failure of the new smartphone. However, with all the Fire has to offer, competitors should prepare for the changes they could see in the industry because of its release. The information for this article was provided by the smartphone pros at Apple Shark who allow consumers to sell iPhone 4s models that have been damaged or broken.


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  1. Well, yup it has the ability to change the industry. And When I went to their site it says that their camera is the best. But when I search on the Internet no one wrote that. I mean they are doing the old business tactic?
    But yes the firefly feature is simply amazing but I doubt it will work in India.

  2. Hi Sidharth,

    Amazon will surely change the world as smartphone world getting engage with more competitors recently Moto e the budget phone turned the people towards its brand.We can find some new feature and price difference with Amazon product i guess waiting to try it

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