Amazing Features You can find in a Slot Game


Slots machines have evolved from the traditional slots that required a player to use coins, activate the lever by pulling the three reels, and coins dropping out after wins. The present game system uses neither currency nor lever. The players nowadays play over the internet, and the sites determine the winner electronically. A lot has changed, and these are the common you must find in any slot gambling platform.

Wild Symbols                    

It is rare to find a slot machine without these signs. Wild is a feature gambler popularly use. They give you a better chance of winning a combination. For instance, if you have a wild symbol in line with three kings, the wild makes them four kings, increasing your chance to win a huge prize.

A scatter sign works in any sport on the screen. That is, they are effective anywhere on the board. The scatter symbol allows you to win no matter they land on the reels. Three or more scatter signs may unlock your free bonuses or spins. You may also get its payout as a bonus.


This feature is available in both land-based and online casinos. It allows you to multitask or watch the reels spin without actively playing. The player gets to press the autoplay button and the reels big to spin. If you want to stop it, you press the same button once more. The online casinos like dg game may have additional settings that enable you to set a timer. That is, you can set the feature to run like 10 or 50 games. You can even program the autoplay option to stop when you are losing excessively or hit a significant win.


Payline is one of the ways you can win when playing slots games. Most casinos have a maximum of seven rows of reels. You can decide to bet on any of these when you spin the wheel. If you pay for a single pay line, you win if only the line has the correct symbols. If you choose like five pay lines and the right combinations appear in any direction, you get to win.

Progressive Jackpots 

This feature is currently popular with many casinos. A progressive jackpot increases as gamblers bet until a player hits the correct symbol combination. The machines are linked across some networks to increase the size of the jackpot. A unique symbol combination triggers the jackpot. The casino may link the games on the same floor, between different casinos, or combine the two. It may take days or months for someone to win. The largest slot jackpot that has ever been won is from the progressive jackpot.

Free Spins and Bonus Rounds 

You can never miss bonuses like free spins in any casino. These spins act as incentives or rewards the gambling sites use to attract players. You can get free spins if you spin the reels for a given number of times. Bonus rounds are also based on free spins. You get an extra payout or play additional rounds free.

You can never miss slot games from any brick and motor or online casino, including dg game. These games are fun and entertaining. Try and understand the above common features before engaging in slot games, especially if you are a beginner.

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