All You Should Know About the Background Verification Process


When hiring a candidate, all companies want to hire a candidate who is true to what is written in their resume. But sadly, it has been found that among 10 candidates, 1 candidate lies in their resume in India. Hence it is very important that a thorough employee background check is carried out before the final selection of a candidate. The HR is responsible for this job, but sometimes experts are hired for it. If you want to know more, here are all the details regarding the background verification process.

Let’s start with what kind of information you can verify during the verification process. Here is a list of them.

  • Education qualification: This is done to make sure that the educational institute listed by the candidate matches what they wrote in their resume. When done rightly, it can find out about candidates that have submitted fake certificates or educational qualifications and also if the educational institute they listed is legitimate or not.
  • Address verification: This employee background check shows if the candidate is who they are claiming to be. Sometimes people try to hide their past if it is not in their favour by entering an address that is not their own.
  • Police verification: No one wants a candidate who has a criminal background. This verification will screen that out. Thankfully, with the digitalization of even police records, it is easy to find information about the candidate in local, state and even national databases. Sometimes companies even do non-criminal police verification.
  • Public record verification: Background verification companies will also check any public record the candidate has. It can be their court history or even their motor vehicle history. Any document that is in the public domain can be looked into while doing the background check.
  • Work history: Companies will look into the previous employers of a candidate before hiring them. This is to ensure that a candidate’s work experience is true. This verification process also looks at the interpersonal relationship the candidate had with his or her previous colleagues so as to get an idea of their workplace behaviour. Lastly, it will also look into the cause of them leaving their last job.
  • Social media history: How a candidate fits into the work culture of a company is as important as his skills for the job. This is why companies are increasingly checking the social media presence of a candidate while doing background screening.

So, these are a list of verifications done by a company while screening a candidate. Some companies can even request for a drug test depending on the nature of the job. All these are often left to background verification companies to handle if the number of candidates to be hired is large. If it is just one or two candidates, the HR of the company can handle it.

Now that you have an idea regarding what kind of information is to be verified during a background screening. As for what goes on during a verification process, here are some steps that are taken during the screening.

  • The first thing to be verified is employee history. Previous employers are contacted to make sure that the data given by the employee matches what he or she actually did while working in the last company. This step can also inquire about the reason why the employee left.
  • The next step is to check the public record of the candidate. It can include both police and court record verification. Thanks to certain government initiatives, it is easy to check a candidate’s information through a national database. For example, National Academic Depository or NAD can show the educational records of the candidate. Aadhar verification is also carried out to find all kinds of public information available.
  • Social media verification is fast becoming another essential step of an employee background check. Companies mainly look for inappropriate images or videos as well as discriminatory behaviour of the candidate. Depending on company policies, the candidate’s negative remarks about their previous employer or on other topics might also be scrutinized.
  • Lastly, a physical verification of the address given is carried out.

So, these are some important facts regarding the employment verification process. As said before, you can carry it out yourself or hire a company specializing in it to do it for you.

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