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[Airtel] Latest NMD VPN Trick for Blocked SIM – February

(Last Updated On: February 11, 2013)

Here’s is the ultimate solution for your all VPN problems regarding blocked SIM in Airtel. Can you guess how long I’ve not been posting tricks for VPN and Airtel? It’s almost a month, right? You might have known that I was the admin of TrickSmash (dot) com and I have provided continuous tricks for VPN, networks, android and lots more there.

But your favourite TrickSmash is now more and I’ve created this blog (techbii) mainly for providing tech related stuffs other than network tricks. But I can’t.. You may wonder by seeing my mail in box due to the countless mails I received. I had a huge readership there and most of them are also my friends at FB.

They urged me to provide network related stuffs in this blog. Hence I changed the decision and hereafter, I promise you to give updated working tricks for all networks, especially for Airtel.

I know, I just lost the topic . So let’s get into the post.

Airtel is continuously blocking SIMs due to the issue in host adaptation without the permission of them. ie, we are not permitted to change the hosts manually until the network provider allow. But we need free Internet without spending a penny. Thus we change the proxy, ports and hosts in accordance with the trick to exploit the loopholes in the network.

Did you lost your airtel SIM? Don’t worry. I’ve got an ultimate solution to use the VPN tricks even in the blocked SIM. All you have to have a copy of NMD VPN. If you are a trick addict, you might have owned this. But newbies can download the version from below link.

Now download this config and paste it in the System Driver >>
Program Files >> NMD VPN >>

Download Config

Download NMD VPN

Well, now install the NMD VPN in the PC and run as administrator. Then connect with the downloaded config that you have copied to the system files. Let it connect for 3 or 4 times until the connection is established.

Key Features in Summary

* Works in both blocked as well as normal SIMs.

* Maximum possible speed confirmed.

*. SSL support.

* No minimum balance required

* No balance deduction even at higher balances.

* Torrent Supported ( not checked)

* Speed capping limit partially extended.

Over to you

This trick has been confirmed in my my state, Kerala and hope it would work in other states too. So you are the motivation for me. Kindly do comment if it worked. I won’t block your comments if it’s positive or negative unless you use offensive words. So, cheers.


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