Which 3 Trivial Tasks Can Be Automated with the Help of AI Technology?


Artificial intelligence is already more widespread than most people think. Many companies already use AI heavily for customer service tasks. Likewise there are a number of self-driving vehicles at different stages of development, and of course, we have assistants like Siri and Alexa.

Of course, some people have voiced a lot of concern over jobs being lost, though with these AI improvements new opportunities are also being created, as are new work roles. There are a number of factors to that area, though one area which isn’t under dispute is how AI can help businesses.

Using AI can free up resources, streamline processes and help identify bottlenecks or weak areas. Automation can improve the speed and efficiency of your human workforce too. AI is already transforming the world, so let’s see how it can transform your business.

1. I.T. Support

IT support is the obvious place where automation can help. With learning capabilities built in, AI can remember past problems and fix issues much faster each time one comes up. This is perfect for IT, where systematic processes are used to diagnose and fix problems.

Providers such as Moogsoft are creating highly specialized AI solutions which can reduce the number of problems requiring manual attention by up to 90%. That’s a lot of time freed up! A good AI system will also eliminate any false reports or duplicates automatically, and can arrange situations by topic, urgency and other preferences if required. For more information, check out https://www.moogsoft.com

2. Schedule Management

Scheduling can be difficult for a busy individual, imagine how it is for a massive company! Sometimes multiple people are needed to be in the same place for a meeting to happen. Other times a particular meet might need a particular venue or equipment. These kind of specifics are a real pain to go through manually, checking diaries and booking schedules only to be disappointed again because Bob can’t make it.

AI here acts in a smart way by logging your schedules and preferences. Then when you need to schedule something, it’s as simple as filling in a few details and letting the AI run. Some people prefer AI which allows manual selection or confirmation for the bookings, sometimes allowing a range of options/recommendations. Other people prefer to enter details and let it all be totally automated, so they can simply check the schedule to see what’s coming up.

3. Customer Service

Customer service is already an area where AI is thriving. Again this area benefits from systematic diagnosis and is helped by automated management. Customers are directed to the correct person automatically and your employees time is freed up to actually deal with issues and help customers, instead of finding out what the problem is then redirecting them.

Information is collected automatically and displayed for customer service reps so they have everything they need (usually) right from the start, again saving time. AI bots can also provide support in real-time to interested customers, giving them basic information and suggestions. The ability to do this without using a human employee is amazing, and customers tend to enjoy the helpful approach.

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