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Artificial intelligence is tagging machine learning to be a dominant part of the tech revolution. These technologies are serving businesses with critical decision-making superpowers with the help of the right set of data.

Given the massive growth prospects and strong capabilities, AI and ML are gradually being a part of the mainstream technologies for enterprise solutions. It won’t be an overstatement to say that AI and ML trends are being followed by leading companies. And looking at the vast potential, it is fair to predict that AI and ML trends are here to stay.

In the past years, especially since the onset of the COVID-19 situation, AI and ML technologies have seen numerous breakthroughs. Let’s visit the key ones in this blog to understand the next stop of these technologies.

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What are the Top AI and ML Trends for 2022?

Once science fiction, AI and ML have been an integral part of modern-day business operations. These are now known for offering feasibility, precision, and efficiency to enterprise solutions.

The role they play is evolving with the following AI and ML trends:

No-code Machine Learning

Since its inception, coding has always been essential for machine learning. However, that is not the case now. No-code machine learning is the new way to program ML applications without requiring mundane processes of pre-processing, designing, modelling, creating algorithms, retraining, and deployment among others.

The no-code machine learning features quick implementation. As a result, developers do not have to require any kind of debugging and most of their time will be spent on the outcome rather than the development.


The world is increasingly driven by the Internet of Things and TinyML is blending into the mix. Even though large and enterprise-level machine learning apps exist, their use is limited. TinyML is a part of ML, shrinking the deep learning networks for fitting on tiny hardware. It seamlessly merges artificial intelligence and smart devices.

Through the smaller scale ML on IoT edge devices, you can achieve lower latency, lower bandwidth, low power consumption, and ensure user privacy. The data doesn’t have to be sent to a data processing centre, power consumption, bandwidth, and latency.


AutoML is an automated machine learning. It is a process of automating to apply ML to real-world problems. AutoML encompasses the entire pipeline right from the raw dataset to the deployable machine learning model.

The technology enhances data labelling tools and allows the potential of automatic tuning of neural network architectures. When data labelling is done manually, it requires the outsourcing of labours. As a result, it tags a huge risk, owing to human error.

Machine Learning Operationalization Management

One of the key AI and ML trends include machine learning operationalization management for the development of ML software solutions by prioritizing focus on efficiency and reliability. MLOps is a new way to enhance the way that ML solutions are created for making them more efficient for businesses.

MLOps is highly beneficial for easily addressing the systems of scale. It is indeed difficult for dealing with such problems, owing to small data science teams, altering objectives, communication gaps, and more. In addition to this, MLOps can turn out to be a viable solution for enterprises by decreasing variability as well as ensuring reliability and consistency.

Full-Stack Deep Learning

The increasing scope of full-stack deep learning frameworks, as well as business needs, led to the advent of a large demand for full-stack deep learning. The full-stack deep learning is inclusive of the DL theory Math computer Science, Deep Learning model training, and Shipping the model to users.

Full-stack deep learning witnesses a rise in its demand in the creation of frameworks and libraries, which can help engineers for automating shipment tasks. In addition to this, it can also help engineers to adapt to the evolving business needs.

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AI and ML Trends: What’s Beyond 2021?

We saw five of the most uncommon AI and ML trends and there’s way more than what meets the eye. The need of the hour for businesses is to stay competitive once they have upheld their position in their niche. The question is not how to stay competitive. The question is how to leverage AI and ML technologies for your business.

AI and ML are imminent future for enterprises. The best way to harness these technologies is to identify the gaps, where the technology can fit in.