If you are a blogger who does not indulge in bombarding too much of ads on your blogging platform some critics might say that you probably could have earned more. Maybe if you had placed Google AdSense within your posts. Maybe if you had more advertisements in the sidebar. Maybe if you had text link ads. Maybe if you did product review posts.

We disagree.

All of those things take away from the main focus of your blog (which is the main focus that all blogs should have) – the content. If you write excellent content – things that get people excited, things that make people want more, things that people haven’t seen before– you’ll have the potential (and more importantly, the foundation) to make money online.

1. Affiliate Marketing Starts with Making a Good Impact:

First impressions are important more than your imagination because they set the establishment for a visitor’s entire experience through your website, including any possible monetary action that may take place now, or in the future.

It is like the first impression that you get when you go to a site and it’s bombarded with advertisements, for example. What does such a site say to a first-time visitor?

“Hi, nice to meet you – click here so that I can make money?”

It is just like that you met someone and they force you to buy something from them. It reminds me of those Sarojini Nagar guys who try to sell you watches kept in their pockets. Maybe you’d buy a “folex” (Fake-Rolex) from them once, but I am sure you’d never do any kind of business with that person beyond that.

Anybody with a normal IQ will prefer to get to know somebody first, believe in them, and then have them tell what they might have to offer. Or better yet, be genuinely interested in what they’re doing, and ask them about it by themselves. This is the kind of philosophy that I use when promoting other people’s products.

2. Only Promote Products That You Have Personally Used

This is something one must follow religiously, always earn money with affiliate links in all of your online businesses by promoting only those products that you have used, and only what you would recommend to your family and friends who want to achieve the same type of results. We feel that anyone with an audience has a responsibility to do the same thing.

It’s always fishy if a tomboy starts promoting makeup products.

3. Always Describe The Product That You’re Promoting

If you have an affiliate link that’s just a banner ad, or a link at the bottom of a post with no description or user experience– it’s a waste. If you’re actively and fairly promoting a product (that you’ve used), you obviously know something about it. Share your knowledge with your audience, and they’ll be motivated and more likely to click through to learn more.

4. Content First, Affiliate Link Second

Although we just said you should always describe the products you promote, the content that you give should drive the affiliate links that you offer, not the other way around. Don’t write posts just for the sake of placing an affiliate marketing company related link within.

5. Share Your Experience with the Product.

When describing a product as your promoting style, share your experience! If you can throw in some data or graphs to go along with it, even better as it makes it more impactful. This not only helps your audiences to gain trust in your information but also intrudes them to take the desired action which can be anything like registering themselves, clicking on an ad, or even buying something! So it is advised to always include your personal experience with a particular product.

Author Bio: Nikhil Reddy is a tech savvy content writer by passion and associated with a Mobile Ad Network – Apps Discover Technologies. Nikhil writes for numerous blogs and gives useful tips for bloggers, startups, and marketing professionals. You can follow him on Twitter and Facebook.

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