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Humans have always been creatures of belongingness. We are always looking for companions everywhere we go and whatever we do. This may not be a unique trait for us, as many other animals are into it as well. Wolves and related kin form packs, lions form pride and reindeers and deer from herds. It is entrenched in their survival instinct as there is always strength and safety in numbers.

However, as humans, it is more than just survival. We crave companionship because we need to belong to a certain person or group of people. Even if you proclaim to yourself and to the world that you do not need anyone, there are still instances where you need others. Being alone for all eternity is a boring and lonely existence. Having someone with you makes it more bearable. Learn more about this need by clicking here.

However, as humans evolved the need for belongingness has actually changed. It may not be a very big change, but its transformation affected the way we live our life now. Privacy has never been an issue before. Our ancestors even walked naked all the time, and it was only with the use of clothing that we may have learned privacy. As we grew more intelligent, our sense of decency also grew along with it. Coupled with the views from religious sects that being naked is a sin, we have grown into a society with morality, justice and “common sense” to go along with it.

As we developed our need for privacy and security, the world’s view on these topics has also changed. In fact, the world has become far more aware of the importance of privacy in this age. With the development of the internet as the tool for information, there are many organizations which took advantage of this fact. Have you ever heard about the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal?

It was allegedly involved the manipulation of data to influence the results of the elections in the US. Also, there were allegations of private data being put on sale for companies to use for their marketing and development. This was all done without the consent of the users. As this issue blew up, billions of people became aware of the importance of privacy and security. Imagine, there are even people who just put their account numbers and social security numbers on the net without even thinking about the implications. Now, most people know better than to do that.

As the need for privacy and security increased, many people decided to search on ways to defend themselves from these atrocities. Some even developed new technologies to try and combat data theft. The development of a virtual private network or VPN became a blessing for many people. It had provided them a way to defend themselves from seemingly intrusive ways of the government and large corporations to view their private web browsing. It has even begun to develop even more ways to improve the defenses that it gives to the subscribers. Learn how VPNs have improved by clicking this link: https://www.scientific.net/AMR.756-759.2693.

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However, what does a VPN actually do? Well, it just redirects or hides your browsing activity by registering it to another location. In doing this, you can now access websites and services which are only available to your new location. For example, in China, there are so many websites banned like Facebook and Google. Through the power of a VPN, they can now access these websites without the prying eyes of the government. It can also provide services to expats in different countries to view your favorite sites from your home country.

For example, do you want to access the BBC website and watch Dr. Who but you are living in Asia? VPNs can help you do that. It helps to make you feel closer to home even if you already live far away. If you are also embarrassed by anything you want to search online, VPNs can help you in hiding these items. If you are interested in getting this service, there are VPNs recommended by fastestvpnguide.com to help you choose the service you want.

Living so far from your home country can be very challenging. Fortunately, you can now feel at home even if you are far away. With VPNs, you can feel like you are just surfing the web while chilling in a London pub. You are even secured with your own privacy!