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[Adsense] No More Account Disabled Issues – Renewed the T&C

Great news for AdSense publishers. AdSense no longer disables the publisher’s account for up to semi major issues. I did dance after hearing this actually. Because Adsense was so merciless about their terms and conditions.

They used to disable the publisher’s account for common issues like fraudulent click activities, click bombs, inappropriate content displaying etc.

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Google has renewed their tos recently and the major effect after this update was seen in AdSense. Getting approved in AdSense publisher’s account is still being a high jump. But existing publishers can really avail the benefit from this update.

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As I said above, AdSense does not consider semi major issues for disabling. It doesn’t mean that you can play with AdSense according to your creativity. They can ban you anytime if you display the ads in pages containing porn, ammo, gambling, casino, drug abuse etc.

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Also editing the ad code is still considered as a major policy violation. AdSense has introduced a new appeal form which is more ‘appealing’ and merciful. So AdSense will temporary suspend you in case of fraudulent activities for a certain period of time.

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One more news from the team, they are now considering the publisher accounts age before suspension. Ie, if you have an AdSense account with more than two years old, I have to say you are lucky enough to make the most from this update.


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