Business needs to revise their SEO strategies from time to time because search engines are constantly evolving. With every passing year, Google is offering better search results to its users by adding more filters. Google’s quest for higher standards has made acquiring safe and powerful backlinks more difficult than ever.

Google’s consistently changing algorithm is the reason why you will need a new link-building plan in 2021. Globex Outreach provides monthly SEO Packages at cheap rates and can help you devise a new SEO plan in no time. But before you move any further, it is vital for you to understand how backlinks work and what makes them effective in 2021.

Let’s take a look at what backlinks are and what strategies will work best for link building in 2021.

What Are Backlinks?

In simple words, backlinks are hyperlinks that create a bridge between two web pages of different websites. Their purpose is to connect your website with another website in your industry to drive more traffic and improve Google SERP rankings.

Link building is one of the most important SEO practices, and no online business should ignore it. Where your page will rank on Google’s search result doesn’t depend entirely on the quality of your content; it also depends on the quality of your backlinks.

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Why are Backlinks Important?

Backlinks are important because they are an integral part of any SEO plan and can do wonders for your website. Some of the things that make backlinks vital includes:

  • Boosts Google SERP rankings
  • Helps establish credibility
  • Puts your page on Google’s crawler map
  • Attracts Referral traffic

However, it is crucial for you to design your backlinks campaigns after thorough research. With high-quality content and the right combination of backlinks, all of the above can be achieved.

Different Types of Backlinks in 2021

There are several different types of backlinks out there, and not all of them work differently. Some of the most prominent types of backlinks you should know about in 2021 includes:

Nofollow Links

This is referred to when a publisher adds your link to your website but doesn’t vouch for it. A nofollow link is ignored by Google’s crawler and doesn’t affect your ranking.

Google used to completely ignore the nofollow links in the past, but now it records it as a hint as a part of spam analysis.

DoFollow Links

Contrary to nofollow links, dofollow links are the ones where the publisher vouches for your credibility. All the links that are attributed as dofollow are taken into consideration by Google while determining rankings.

Sponsored Links

These are the links that go up when the publisher is paid to endorse the website.

Classifying such links as sponsored is crucial because failing to do so can result in a penalty. If the link is marked sponsored, it won’t have any negative impact on both the link owner and the publisher.

High-Authority Links

High-authority links are the most valuable and links and come from trusted websites. If your link is placed on sites that are trusted by Google, you are likely to get a serious boost in rankings.

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Strategies for Acquiring High-Quality Backlinks in 2021

Google modifies its algorithm all the time, but there are several strategies that can help you work around that. Let’s take a look at some of these proven strategies that can help you acquire solid backlinks.

Skyscraper Content is the Way to Go

“Skyscraper” content is a type of blog where you replicate already existing topics and add more useful information to them. The goal is to choose a topic that is in demand and create it again with more data and better quality.

Skyscraper content isn’t that complicated to make. If you are wondering how you can generate your own Skyscraper content, then all you need to do is follow the following steps:

  • Step #1: Identify topics that are performing well in your industry (Keywords and Google are your best ally).
  • Step #2: Do your own research and improve that content tenfold. Don’t just focus on the quantity but improve its quality as well.
  • Step #3: Promote your Skyscraper content strategically. One way of doing that is to alert the people who you have mentioned on your website. It opens the possibility of your content reaching more audiences.


Find Outdated Websites and Use Them to Your Advantage

Another great way of acquiring high-quality backlinks is to find outdated websites in your niche and use their dead links to your advantage. You can do this by following three simple steps:

  • Step #1: Find websites that have changed their name or URL, pivoted towards something else, or are simply dead. You can start with major brands that have changed their identity in the past.
  • Step #2: Once you have found the website, your next task is to identify the backlinks it had on another website.
  • Step #3: Email the site owner about the outdated links on their website and get it replaced with yours.

Look for Brand Mentions

If you have a decent brand image, you can always search for brand mentions and can use it to your advantage. If someone has talked about your product or service in their article, then reach out to them to turn that brand mention into a backlink.

Most authors who mention other brands in their content are happy to add their links to it.

You can start with your local news publications as they are likely to mention your brand in news-related articles. You can also consider using a brand mention tool as they are a great way of finding the buzz your brand is generating.

Turn to Proven Writing Formats

Every brand out there is fighting to boost their Google rank, but the truth is most of them won’t succeed. The same is the case with the content we publish, as most of it just goes unnoticed.

According to BuzzSumo, around 75% of the content we write just gets lost in the wind. Only about 25% of the content has external links.

However, a similar study concluded that there were certain types of blogs that did better than the others, and this included articles like:

  • “Why” And “How to” Articles
  • Guides
  • Quizzes
  • Infographics

Using these proven strategies can help you acquire high-quality backlinks as you will be creating content that attracts you.


Backlinks are important for your online presence, and without them, you cannot survive the digital landscape. Backlinking can prove expensive in the long run, but there are a few simple tactics that you can adopt to make the best out of it. Hiring a specialist for link building can give you a significant edge.