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Accelerate your Torrents Using uTorrent Optimizer

(Last Updated On: September 26, 2013)

Well, I guess you might be knowing all of this very lately, but still there are many who doesn’t know the secret of boosting your uTorrent Downlods. You heard it right it’s accelerating your uTorrent Downloads.


Speed optimisers are a boon for the download industry as it’s ensure your high download speeds to ensure you less time wreckage. There has been talks of IDM optimisers very early, but here’s another companion in the family of optimisers. This one for those getting slow download speeds over uTorrent.

Presenting uTorrent Speedup Pro to boost your Torrent’s download speed. So now it just calculates everything and provides you with the most favorable settings available for your best downloading experience.

So here’s the procedure for it!

  1. Download uTorrent Speedup Pro.(It’s named as Pro, but its Free!)
  2. You will get a .zip package as in download form, extract it in any folder.
  3. After extracting, you will find a .exe file hit on it!
  4. After installing, run the application.
  5. Simply hit the accelerate buttion and let it do the magic!
  6. Now, it will open your uTorrent to open some torrents.

So, it’s all. It’s very simple and you can simply boost your Torrents Speed. It will happen automatically and you have to do simply nothing more than sit and watch!

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