A Simple Guide on How to Create a QR Code


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QR codes are all the rage. You see them at restaurants, on webpages, in museums…pretty much everywhere. They are a fantastic marketing tool and a smart way to spread information. And definitely, something your business or website needs.

So how does one go about generating a customized QR code? Keep reading for our simple and complete guide on how to create a QR code.

What are the Goals of Your QR Code?

The first step is to decide how you plan to use the QR code that you want to create. What information are you hoping to share?

A lot of QR codes are used for marketing purposes to send users to landing pages or as a call to action.

You may want to add the QR code to your business card or have the QR code send people to your social media accounts.

Choose a Dynamic or Static QR Code

Before you dive into generating a QR code you need to know the limitations and possibilities.

Static QR codes are permanent and you cannot edit the data or content that is linked to the code.

However, with dynamic QR codes, you can edit and update the data as needed.

What best suits your needs? Are you using the QR code for a one-time campaign or do you need to be able to constantly update the data?

Choose a QR Code Generator

There are plenty of QR code generators, so you want to find the best one for your purposes. You want to find a generator that gives you a lot of options for using the QR code and is compatible with as many mobile reader apps as possible.

QR code generators, such as c# barcode library, are easy to use. You simply fill in the information as prompted and it generates a unique QR code fit for your purposes. You can then use this visual code as you like.

You can opt for a free app if you have simple requirements or choose a paid service if you need codes for multiple reasons and ranges.

Customize the QR Code

Depending on the QR generator you choose, you will have the options of different designs to create a bespoke QR code. In some cases, you can even use your company logo as the QR code image.

It’s fantastic to get creative and boost brand awareness through your QR code with colors and images.

Download It

You’ve decided on the content, chosen an epic QR code generator, and customized the QR code to be creative and inspiring. The only thing left to do is download it.

If you choose a good generator you should be able to download it in different file formats.

If you plan on using the QR code for online purposes only, then opt for a tif, gif, jpeg, jpg, bmp, or png format.

If you hope to use the QR code as a printed picture you should choose an svg, eps, or pdf vector graphic for crisp and clear images.

Create a QR Code: Get Started and Get Creative 

The potential of QR codes is limitless and you can explore the variety of uses now that you know how to create a QR code. Remember to look for the best generator and play around with custom designs.

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