Search engine optimization is ruling the digital world. When it comes to SEO, our primary focus resides on Google. People optimize their website to get organic search traffic in Google, but it is not the only approach. Well, people can also rely on other search engines for organic traffic.

While working with SEO, one needs to be fluent with the content requirement, audience, and searching techniques. You will have to use the same approach with other platforms as well. Google has indeed emerged as one of the largest and popular search engines worldwide, but some people are also using other search engines as well.

So, let’s understand the reasons why you should optimize other search engines as well, apart from Google.

Why one should optimize other search engines apart from Google

Have you ever thought that Google might not be the only best search engine in the market? Well, here are some reasons that will explain the reasons for the recent downfall.

  • Privacy concern: Due to privacy threats, several people have stopped using Google and are opting for other search engines that respect the data of the user. Nowadays, people are targeting search engines that do not include any tracking of user behavior like advert targeting or data harvesting. It is essential to understand your audience.

Not all your potential audience is looking for the products in Google. According to the Search Engine Journal, Google’s way of functioning is inviting privacy threats. Hence other search engines are working towards protecting user’s data.

  • Poor search engine ranking: Do not focus solely on Google algorithms for optimizing your website. Make sure you are also optimizing it in other search engines as well. Google is the dominant player in the market, but you should look for opportunities in different search engines as well.
  • The declining share of Google in the market: Speaking statistically, in 2012 April it was reported that Google is occupying 91.7 percent of share in the search engine market internationally.

Unfortunately, in 2018 October there was a downfall in this share. Google was then occupying 87.96 percentage of share internationally. Other search engines like Bing have encountered a rise in their share from 3.5 to 5.26 percentages.

Popular traditional search engines

Apart from Google, there are other traditional competitors in the market. Some of the popular traditional search engines are:

  • Bing: Microsoft is the owner of Bing, and it is a very popular search engine that includes live search and MSN search. According to the reports of Statcounter, in December 2019, a 2.32% search engine market share in the world was owned by Bing. When you are using the Internet Explorer or Edge browser of Microsoft then Bing will be your default search engine.

If the device is running on the Windows OS or is a Microsoft product, then you will get Bing as your default search engine. In particular demographics, you can see that Bing has gained more popularity in terms of Google.

In the search engine market of Canada, the UK and US Bing hold a decent share. In comparison to the Google algorithm, Bing is also improvising itself continuously, and it also uses the BERT algorithm. BERT algorithm is the recent discovery of Google.

  • Yahoo: Slurp is a web crawler that is used by Yahoo. According to the report of December 2019, 1.59 percent of the global share market is owned by Yahoo. It is a prominent player in the search engine market, and it is growing in popularity in recent years. Yahoo is not a significant contributor to the organic search traffic, but one should not ignore it.

When it comes to optimizing a website for Yahoo, you won’t have to make any additional considerations as it is powered along with the search results of Bing.

  • DuckDuckGo: In 2008 DuckDuckGo was launched in the market as a potential search engine. The search engine gathers information from 400 different sources which include Yahoo, Bing, and Wikipedia. It is mostly preferred by users who do not want their activities to get tracked by the search engine. This is one of the significant contrasts of DuckDuckGo from that of Google.

DuckDuckGo fails to provide search results depending on your search history as it does not facilitate tracking. No worries as you will get localized searches.

Prioritize additional search engines

Apart from the traditional search engine mentioned above, there are other search engines that are actively used by a considerable number of users.

  • YouTube: YouTube has a user base of two billion. Statistics claim that every single day 1 billion hours are invested in watching YouTube videos. This is a search engine that is mostly keyword-driven, and it also dominates the searching landscape. Video uploaders can optimize and set descriptions, titles, and tags that will allow it to reach the maximum audience. Adding relevancy to YouTube videos is very easy. Likes and subscribers will determine the rank of the video on YouTube.
  • Amazon: In Amazon, you can find myriads of products in which most of them will be organically ranked or sponsored. The searching technique for Amazon will be based on keywords. In Amazon, one can find the application of Social Market Way.

Amazon will rank the products according to the relevance algorithm and the probability of it to get sold. Amazon also promotes products that are widely purchased. Engaging descriptions and customer reviews help in generating sales.

  • Pinterest: If you want your brand to get discovered, then use Pinterest. It helps in optimizing the pins according to the keywords and serves it to the relevant audience. One can point the camera of their phone at a particular object and Pinterest will instantly provide related pins.


Now we can conclude that there are other effective search engines in the market apart from Google. Always go for search engines that are used by the target demographics of your brand. The method of optimizing your website for different search engines might vary as well.


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