9 Incredible Benefits of Facebook Advertising


Last updated on June 30th, 2020 at 10:27 am

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Are you thinking of testing out Facebook advertising?

Paid social media advertising can be overwhelming if you’re not familiar with how it works. But avoiding it could cause you to miss out on the many benefits of Facebook advertising.

If you’re not sure how Facebook advertising works and how you might benefit, keep reading to learn nine advantages of Facebook page ads.

1. Large Audience

Facebook ranks as the biggest social media platform with more than 3 billion users. Those users fit into a wide range of categories, which means there’s a good chance that lots of your prospective customers are there.

Not only do you have a potential audience on Facebook, but those users are also spending a lot of time there. On average, people spend 58 minutes each day on Facebook.

Many users access Facebook through its mobile app. The ads you create are mobile-friendly, which means you can generate interest in your business no matter how users access Facebook.

That means you get a lot of opportunities to have your Facebook advertising campaign seen by the right people.

2. Specific Audience Targeting

If you’re creating Facebook ads for orthodontists, you have a specific audience that might include parents, teens, and adults seeking teeth straightening services. An IT company will have a completely different audience.

Facebook makes it easy to make sure your ads reach the people you want as clients. All of the information it has about its users allows Facebook to customize who sees your ads so they match your preferences.

When you create your ad campaign, you tell Facebook what criteria you want. You can narrow down the audience to specific ages, jobs, marital status, interests, and other details.

This makes your advertising more effective because your ads are seen by people who might actually become your customers.

3. Various Objectives

Facebook ads are easy to create and customize for a specific purpose.

You might create an ad campaign to increase web traffic, sales, leads, or email subscribers depending on your current marketing goals. Sometimes your ads might simply aim to increase your engagement on Facebook.

You can create multiple campaigns to meet different objectives.

You can also create new campaigns over time as your objectives change. You might initially want more traffic to your blog.

You might eventually shift toward creating products and aim for your ads to increase sales.

Call-to-action buttons available with Facebook ads make it easier to reach your objectives. You can insert CTA buttons for actions such as applying, booking, contacting, downloading, or learning more.

4. Competitive Option

Facebook ads are accessible to businesses of all sizes. That means you can afford to use the same type of advertising as huge companies.

You also stay competitive with other businesses in your niche, whether they’re similar in size or not. If your competitors are using Facebook ads and you’re not, you could miss out on potential traffic and customers that they get instead.

5. Immediate Advertising With Fast Results

Once you create your Facebook ad, it starts reaching people immediately. You can start getting clicks immediately. This makes it one of the fastest ways to start driving traffic to your site or meeting other advertising goals.

Creating ads and marketing to specific audiences can help you grow your Facebook reach must faster than organic traffic.

Even the people who already like your page won’t see everything you post. Your posts only make it onto their timelines a fraction of the time.

That means you’re missing engagement opportunities with the people you’ve already attracted to your website. They miss out on opportunities to share and engage with your post, which would help you reach new people.

This can make your growth much slower if you’re counting on organic traffic increases.

When you pay for Facebook ads, you know they’ll be seen by the people in your target audience. This can help you grow your engagement and reach your marketing objectives faster.

6. Brand Awareness

When you use your company’s branding elements in your ads, you can increase your brand awareness to a larger audience.

Your ads start to become familiar to people when they pop up on Facebook. That brand awareness might encourage people to check out your brand and possibly purchase from your company.

7. Cost-Effectiveness

Compared to traditional marketing options, Facebook ads are often much more cost-effective. This can stretch your online marketing budget to reach more people without spending more money.

When you set up a Facebook ad campaign, you decide on your budget. That means if you only have a small amount to put toward your ads, you can still launch a campaign. You also don’t have to deal with going over budget since you’ve set your limit.

8. Opportunity for Remarketing

Facebook ads don’t just help you reach new people. They help you continue reaching people who’ve already had some type of engagement with your business.

Facebook lets you use remarketing to show your ads to people who’ve visited your website, sign up for your email list, or otherwise interact with you.

Because they’ve already interacted with you, it shows that they have some interest in your business. They might just need more exposure to your brand.

You can also use remarketing to offer those people an exclusive discount or special offer. That special offer could be the thing that encourages them to make a purchase.

9. Built-In Analytics

Facebook helps you easily track your successes with your advertising campaigns with its built-in analytics. You can measure your results to compare how many impressions you get on your ads as well as clicks and conversions.

The analytics show you your reach, engagement with your posts, likes, and other data from your posts.

Those real-time analytics can help you change your ads if necessary to make them more effective. If the analytics show that your campaign isn’t working very well, you can switch it up and try something new.

Enjoy the Benefits of Facebook Advertising

Understanding the benefits of Facebook advertising helps you decide if it’s the right option to promote your business. With many built-in features and options, Facebook ads can be a versatile tool for businesses.

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