9 Best Piano Books for Beginners (Kids & Adults)


Piano texts have proven to be an invaluable resource for anyone learning to play the piano. They are available in a variety of classes, based on your preferences. A few of these books like the Bastien piano basics course were written expressly for busy people or late bloomers who wish to learn to play the piano swiftly, easily, and comprehensively.

With the abundance of music books available, learning how to play on the piano has never been easier. If you want to be a professional pianist all without exiting your house, a decent selection of piano textbooks is a must.

The nine top best piano books can assist you in determining which one of these books best suits your artistic personality.

1. Alfred’s Basic Adult All-in-One Piano Course Level 1, Book & CD

This is exclusively designed for adults. The books and CD provide everything you’ll need to get started on the piano. By the completion of the term, you will have a fundamental understanding of piano playing, musicology, and technique for performing popular pieces. This can even make a person a professional if you continue to learn.

2. Alfred’s Basic Piano Course Lesson Series

The content in the Basic Piano Course lesson series is presented in tiny increments so that it is easy to repeat and memorize. Learners will be able to learn the titles of the piano keys as the lessons progress: first white, then black. This book is a guaranteed start toward actual piano abilities as among the most searched piano textbooks for novices! This allows a person to move step by step.

3. Alfred’s Basic Piano Course Theory Series

It is intended to complement the Basic Lesson Series, although they are not required to be used together. That’s the book for you if you want to understand further about musicality and the intricacies of your musical gadget. These books can be used independently or in conjunction with the practical series to provide a more comprehensive education. Your music teacher can also assist you in determining which stages to prioritize.

4. Bastien piano basics course

The fourth book, which is one of the most chosen and loved by beginners, is the Bastien piano basics course, which is written up in such a way that it is simple to understand. It offers lessons on sight-reading, theory, and technique, as well as numerous well-known songs to perform. It provides a complete guide and a partner in heading towards learning effectively.

5. Faber’s Adult Piano Adventures Level 1

Comes at the fifth item on the list. This book will teach you how to identify the labels of the buttons so that you can play incredible songs. Even if you’re learning on your own, its straightforward approach to teaching the subject will undoubtedly help you make significant progress.

6. Hal Leonard’s Easy Adult Piano Beginner’s Course

This is again a best-suited series, which is a step-by-step teaching book that begins with the most fundamental aspects of piano learning. You’ll also learn how to play all-time classics like “The Entertainer” and “Mozart Theme” in this booklet.

7. Play Piano Now

At the seventh position, there’s Play Piano Now!, which was designed with busy adults in mind while maintaining a high level of quality in the sessions. The lessons are designed to be simple to learn, and after the course, you will be able to perform some of the most famous pianist’s best works.

8. John Thompson’s Easiest Piano Course

The eighth book is John Thompson’s Easiest Piano Course, this set of music lessons is ideal for beginners, and that is not an exaggeration. Thompson explains each note in his booklet one by one and uses vivid drawings and characters to underscore his points. When learning with a qualified instructor one-on-one, this lesson book, along with writing and reading tasks, is a terrific extra resource.

9. Ultimate Beginner Series

Last but not the least, this series jumps right into the world of piano playing with text and a DVD accompaniment, teaching you about chords, arpeggios, performing with both arms, and even playing instruments by ear. It is a workbook for a virtuoso in the making!

There are many ways to improve your piano abilities, but the ideal option is to find the appropriate medium such as a Bastien piano basics course. Choosing the correct music will keep you performing pleasurable and fun, and it is the number one priority on the list for pushing you to become a truly great musician.

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