8 Startup Marketing Ideas That Actually Work

Are you new to the business? Naive in the marketing field?

You, as a start-up, must be familiar with marketing methods and similar tools. Many software development companies nowadays work on marketing strategies and ideas. It includes web, product, and mobile app development companies.

Here in this blog are some marketing ideas that can help you to prosper in the marketing world:-

1. Define the Keywords

The market must be defined directly. For this, you need to begin developing the list of keywords. This will be a rundown of two five catchphrases. You can initially start with publishing a blog using the apt keywords.

Push yourself with this question: What will be the user tapping to reach the product or service.

Did you get the concept? No, read ahead!!

Suppose you need to buy a “Black cartoon T-shirt”. What will you type? Exactly the same phrase with some variation. This keyword will help you to reach the brand that sells this product.

Likewise, you need to target keywords as per your niche.

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2. Choose a product with limited commodities

Human beings generally carve for materials that they do not have.

So, when you bring exclusive ideas, it’s natural people will be attracted.

Again when you launch your app on the store, there are apps with Beta version.

No clue about this version?

Well, these versions have new integrations and features. It can only be reaped by limited users. Well, now the major benefit of getting this is to give the user an exclusive feeling.


3. Develop compelling messages for marketing

Everyday users (be it mobile or web) are besieged with messages related to marketing. They are getting this from TV, Radio, newspaper, etc. People have started blocking marketing messages as their inbox is full.

As per reports shared by Edelman Trust, almost 74% of users are using strategies to avoid traffic.  People have started paying to avoid uncluttered media ads.

Hence, you have to develop compelling messages which are not only memorable but also distinct. It is because you have to leave an imprint of your firm in the soul of the user.

For this, you can highlight all the essential USPs. Make sure to highlight how you are distinct from others. Also, ensure that you have proper backups of data about your claim.

Nowadays, the grocery service providers market their brand by using the strategy “doorstep delivery”. Similarly, there are dairy brands, attaining prominence by “5 a.m home delivery”. This strategy hitched working mothers and ladies.


4. Flash with e-coupons

Have you ever been tempted with coupons?

Well as per research every few have got the guts to resist the great coupon.

You need not process it the traditional way. With e-coupons, you can target two birds using a single stone.


5. Reward the loyal

Your clients are advocates for you and your brand. Word-of-mouth plays and great support.

Your users can market your service/ product. They can influence any customers more than any experienced sales representatives. Thus the testimonials can attract new people.

Hence, make sure you amplify and reward your loyal consumers.

Now, if you are a start-up then it’s not a good idea to burn your pocket. It is not a healthy option to give lavish freebies. But you can prioritize your customers and extend exclusive services and deals.

Now following this system is also a great way to foster the loyalty of your clients.

Renaissance, the leading music streaming app, has earned good profits by following this strategy. In this app, the user can exchange the stars for shout-outs, merchandise, concert tickets, etc. Even they have an alluring amazing tagline which states as “Listen. Earn. Connect.”

6. Try social cause

People now are bent toward social responsibility especially the millennial group. If you can pitch with social impact, you are certainly the king of the marketing world.

When a business engages with social issues, it can turn around potential consumers instead of competition.

Many brands such as TOMS flourished in the market using this strategy. They pitched with a campaign. They targeted the less privileged children and offered free shoes. This campaign gave a positive illusion about their brand. The impact was so much hype that they still continue to lure the audience with this campaign.

Procter & Gamble is yet another brand that influenced the public. They introduced their product Olay and focused on a campaign goal. The campaign inspired numerous women for skin protection against the sun.

The result was so huge. Almost 9000 women turned up for the screening of skin cancer. This marketing strategy gave the tangible presence of this brand. It also earned reputation as well as recognition.

7. Attend the industrial events

You must be thinking about what marketing has to do with industrial events.

Well, it can leave a shift impact!!

Even though the marketing has changed to face-to-face and virtual channels. The end-users are still on the bucket list that earns revenue.

But you cannot ignore the ideal place, i.e the industry. It will create a network. You will have the privilege to get along with experts, investors, and contemporaries from your niche. It will assist you to figure out recent innovations and developments in your array.

You should co-sponsor and look for opportunities to explain. This way, you can pitch your product and brand.

If you carry accolades then it can add another charm to establish your credibility.

8. Run advertisements to run results for short term

When you build your brand, it’s naive. Hence there are chances that you won’t see any immediate results.

You have to concentrate to earn ROI if you are a start-up. Hence, the prominent shot is to run an ad.

You can run your ads in the following manner:-

  1. Social Ads
  2. Google Search Ads
  3. Display Ads

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In a conclusion

Marketing and sales are the lifeblood of every brand. You will not be that privileged to have the luxury nor in a field to experiment with when you are a start-up. You have to attain all the challenges by natural flair.

Hope these marketing ideas have enriched you to establish your business. Make sure to hire leading digital marketing companies.

Author’s bio

The author is a digital marketing manager at MobileCoderz, the leading android app development company.  He has got over ten years of experience in helping start-ups to establish their business in the digital world. He has introduced new marketing strategies that have helped the enterprise to expand its business among global clients. In his free time, he loves traveling and spending time with his family.