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The importance of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is paramount for businesses because it is the only way to understand customers to retain them and improve the retention rate. CRMs have helped businesses to improve customer retention by as much as 27% and the reason why all organizations heavily depend on it.

Salesforce is a cloud computing software that aids the implementation of CRM and has become an indispensable tool for all kinds and sizes of organizations cutting across the industry segments. Salesforce CRM helps companies to understand their customers and connect with them at various levels to expand the customer base.

Salesforce aids customer service by enabling organizations to solve customer problems faster, would allow customers to solve problems on their own by providing answers to them, predict needs, helps personalize services, and provide support to customers at their location.

Aligning Salesforce enhances the capabilities of the platform many more times by quickly building custom applications that drive businesses towards meaningful results. Another great advantage of using Salesforce is the integrations, for example, phone call integrations that have the potential to dramatically increase your phone productivity. What about their competitors’ tools? Well, even when you can find the power dialer as a competitive alternative, let’s stick to what Salesforce has to offer.

Salesforce offers several cloud computing and SaaS applications, among which the CRM product has made the company name synonymous with customer service and support. Salesforce CRM comprises of Sales Cloud, IoT Cloud, Marketing Cloud, App Cloud, Analytics Cloud, Service Cloud, Health Cloud, Chatter, Financial Services Cloud, and Force.com.

Salesforce is the market leader among CRMs not only because it is the most comprehensive and innovative CRM solution that has held its place since its introduction in 1999, but there are many more reasons for it. This article will help you to understand better why Salesforce remains so much dominant for more than two decades.

1.Easy to use

The user-friendliness of Salesforce is so high that Sales Representatives find it most convenient to use the software that provides complete visibility into their contacts, accounts, tasks, and opportunities from a single place. It is as easy as using a website.

Besides getting an all-around view of customers that aids in making better business decisions and faster deal closures, it allows seamless collaboration with colleagues from any place and at any time by utilizing the easy navigation between the modules.


Salesforce provides enormous opportunities for customization and is way ahead of its competitors. Although the basic configuration of the software helps to perform most of the tasks, sometimes it becomes necessary to expand or alter the existing functionalities to suit the business needs better.

However, technical expertise is necessary to customize Salesforce, especially on Visualforce and Apex Code pages. By using the opportunities of customization, you can add fields or modules, change workflows, and create sales processes as well as integrate your apps and third-party Salesforce extensions in a few clicks.

3.The depth of functionality

The default Salesforce features and functionalities are comprehensive enough to take care of almost all organizational needs. However, it is the depth of functionality of Salesforce that makes it unique and unmatched. You can set up Salesforce in the way you want to cater to your business needs.

For example, during implementation by using the Force.com builder, you can make point and click alterations to configure the software just in the way it complies with your business needs.

4.Cloud-based PaaS model

To support the complex business models of the real world, Salesforce was the first to launch a cloud-based CRM and even established the Platform as a Service or PaaS model. This has come as a massive benefit for users who can save capital expenses and instead pay only for the extent of service they use based on the license.

Salesforce IQ Starter, Lightning Enterprise, Lightning Professional, and Lightning Unlimited are the four editions of Salesforce’s Sales Cloud. The charges range from $25 to $300 per user, per month and are billed annually. The maximum number of subscribers is for the Enterprise Edition that costs $150 per user per month and is billed annually.

Subscribers can switch between the editions depending on their business needs and even add or remove users.

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When you are implementing a CRM, you are making a long-term decision because the software must be capable of taking care of not only your present business needs but also for the future at least for the next 3-5 years. It means that the solution must be scalable enough.

In this regard, Salesforce meets customer expectations to the fullest because it is highly scalable, and it enables adapting all future specifications that the business might need.

6.Continuous improvement and innovation

When using Salesforce, you not only get support from the Salesforce team but as well from the Salesforce community that works in close collaboration for the betterment of the solution.

Your feedback and experience of using Salesforce help them to make improvements and incorporate new features as part of the annual release that takes place three times a year. Continuous improvement and innovation make Salesforce the product that it is today.


The Salesforce Reports provide better business insights to Sales representatives who can generate their reports to see various areas of their performance.

They can see the opportunities present in the pipeline, the accounts they have not worked with for some time, the tasks completed, and activities performed as well as the products they have sold. With the help of the dashboard and reporting charts, they can measure their performance.

8.Implementation time

Using Salesforce is a breeze because being a cloud-based solution, it is always ready to use by logging in just as you would do for any website and does not require any time for installation or setup. The implementation time is much less than any other standard native solution. The GoLive timeframe is naturally very low. It is much easy to configure the feature-rich solution, and customization is also quite easy.

One of the biggest benefits of Salesforce CRM is that it allows tracking of the customer lifecycle for both existing and potential customers. Through Sales Cloud users can maneuver sales activities, Marketing Cloud to build one on one customer journeys to drive sales, Service Cloud to anticipate customer needs, and Analytics to gather better insights and understanding about the performance of the team.

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