8 Best Website Trends to Consider in 2020


Being aware of the latest website trends is important to create stunning websites. Learn about the most popular website trends of 2019.

Both aesthetic viewpoints and changing user behaviour play key roles in defining website design trends. Certain trends remain consistent over the years, whereas some fade away or transform quickly. Website design company from all the leading cities keep recommending the latest website trends to their clients. The year 2020 has witnessed a set of website trends as well.

Here are some of the best website trends in 2020:

1. Ramping up responsive design

With the advent of smartphones and the proliferation of applications, the number of visitors accessing a website through mobile devices increased exponentially.

Over the last year, the importance of responsive websites increased further thanks to an announcement by Google. In 2019, the world’s leading search engine announced that having a quick loading mobile website would improve a brand’s search engine ranking. Therefore brands have started investing in ramping up their website’s responsiveness to mobile devices.

Earlier the focus was on just having a responsive design or faster loading websites. Today, each page also needs to appear stunning on mobile.

2. Adopting Minimalism

By adopting minimalism, websites offer a clutter-free experience to users. Minimalism website design enables the website to have a simple interface. Some examples include:

  • Hiding the toolbar
  • Having an optimal number of buttons
  • Limited colour palate

This also includes refined typography and skilfully designed navigation which enhances the user interface. However, minimalism is easier said than achieved and hence requires substantial thought process to design and implement.

3. Usage of white space

This is an extension of minimalism. White space is an unused area of a website that can be used to isolate text, graphics, and other elements. White space has always been around to improve readability and comprehension. Using white space shrewdly can influences visitors to focus on certain areas of the website. White space creates a sense of balance and implies sophistication. Hence, designers are incorporating white space intelligently in their designs.

4. Bold Video Background

Video background may seem contrasting to the idea of minimalism. However, this trend has become quite popular. A stunning video has significant recall value. A video can offer glimpses about the company’s products and services. It may also help in developing an online brand presence for the website. More importantly, it offers your website a personality which could resonate with relevant viewers. This trend can then serve the purpose of generating leads, product launches and brand development.

5. Growth of chatbots

Artificial Intelligence had entered the online space in a big way through chatbots. It is predicted that the global chatbots market would be worth an astounding $ 1.25 B by 2025. By 2022, chatbots are expected to save $8B for businesses worldwide.

Businesses are using chatbots as the first line of communicators with users who have queries. Chatbots are available 24x7x365 and offer responses almost immediately. This elevates customer satisfaction levels. Chatbots are evolving rapidly and some of them can integrate humanlike humorous replies in their ability to respond.

6. Mesmerizing transitions

Even simple transitions end up offering a stunning effect. These transitions can be either vertical or horizontal. It would also incorporate the parallax design effect.

Parallax design creates an illusion of layers. It entices users and generates curiosity. Users are encouraged to stay on the website and scroll the entire page.

7. Authentic appearance

Stock images are passé. Illustrations or studio-photographs convey that the brand believes in authenticity and sophistication. They may also evoke better response and appreciation from customers and connoisseurs.

8. Making navigation thumb-friendly

As mentioned earlier, a significant number of website visitors arrive using mobile devices. Websites are being designed to make them easier to navigate using one’s thumb. For instance, the hamburger menu is located at the bottom rather than at the top.

Brands which are looking to incorporate some of these trends can search for web designing company in Noida , Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and other cities.


Get on with the trends in 2020, and design a wonderful website or maybe just modify it enough to help your business grow.

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