As digital archiving of websites and social media becomes increasingly popular, some light has been shed on the hurdles that it faces.

Here are some of those issues along with their solutions:

1. Lack of Budget

Digital Archiving is a fairly new concept and for most organizations, digital archiving has never been a part of their budgets. Many think that it’s quite expensive. However, you should know that the cost of digital archiving depends mainly on the amount of data that is being archived. If you are a business organization, the cost of website archiving would be higher for you as you require several websites to be archived on a regular basis. But for educational institutions, the cost will be fairly low as the frequency of archiving will be lesser.

The fact is, that if you are using automated tools like Stillio, you will be saving a lot of productive time and will have to maintain lesser hardware devices like hard-disks. This will help reduce your overall spendings.

2. Many are Unaware

The process of web archiving is still unknown to many. Automated archiving tools are quite new in the market and that is why many organizations are not well aware of them. This leads many of them to believe that archiving is a time consuming and laborious task. Imagine for yourself, if you are not using an automated tool, you will have to go to each of your social media posts and copy-paste them individually to archive them.

The solution to this problem is quite simple. Automated tools like Stillio are what every organization requires. It saves you the time of having to individually archive each post or website every day. It also saves space and money for external storage devices.

3. Few All-Round Solutions

While there are quite a few archiving software that are available at present, many don’t offer an all-round solution to all archiving problems. They are designed to take care of certain aspects of archiving. Now, however, software like Stillio are becoming increasingly popular as they provide users with solutions to all archiving issues.

Not only that, but Stillio also provides users with knowledge about the most effective way to archive social media or websites. The emergence of such platforms makes it easier for a lot of people to understand the importance of archiving and learn about the ways they can archive all of their data.

4. Problems with Big Data

Bigger organizations, especially those that are concerned with a lot of research material, are often faced with the question about how much of their data can be archived without skyrocketing the costs and how to make their archived materials more effective.

These questions about big data lead such organizations to believe that digital archiving is not feasible for them. However, archiving software like Stillio is well-equipped to store tons of data on a cloud-based system.

5. Unawareness of senior management

Some employees of an organization might be aware as to how web and social media archiving can benefit their organization. However, it is not in their task list to take this decision. It is up to senior management.

Convincing the senior management of organizations is a big hurdle in implementing digital archiving as they are often unaware of the pros and see it as an expenditure that they can avoid. Companies who suggest archival solutions need to formulate a master plan on how to deliver value to the senior management.

6. Complications of personal data

Data privacy concerns have become a major issue in the digital world. When archiving data, many organizations are doubtful if the data they are archiving can actually be used in legal proceedings if something happens or if they are storing data that is somehow breaking a law. The theft of sensitive data also becomes a huge concern.

Stillio can help you with this problem. You can be assured that all the screenshots of websites and social media are being taken according to the law and will be admissible in legal proceedings. The servers are also very secure and ensure that your sensitive data will be stored safely.

7. Need for flexibility

Organizations that opt for using digital archiving software need to know that their provider has a secure database and is flexible enough to move their data on to some other provider if the need arises. Stillio offers you this flexibility. You can easily access all of your data whenever you require it. You will be able to transfer your data whenever you require it without any hassle.

Going through these points would surely give you an insight into how some major problems of digital archiving can be solved.


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