7 Practices that will Lead yourWebsite to Instant SEO Penalty


Last updated on August 24th, 2021 at 09:49 pm

One of the most dynamic fields in online marketing has to be SEO. There seems to be a constant fight
between the search engines like
Google over practices that get sites on top of search results.

Negative or techniques that appear to manipulate search engine results against the best optimization practices are prone to penalties or punishments.

If you are an SEO enthusiast and want to chart a way out of these incidents, this article gives you
leeway on some of the things
you need to watch out for in
creating a visible, successful search engine offering on your site or that of your client.

1.Tons of low quality, spam links

In the past, all you had to get search engine top rankings was
create many links pointing to your website. In fact, many companies and services still exist offering such links for a pittance.

Nowadays, if you insist on using
these techniques for your website, you expose it to search engine penalties, a feat that could really hurt your business.

2.Duplicate content

Although Google has refuted the
existence of a duplicate content penalty in its algorithms, how duplicate content is ignored in the search engine results is tantamount to a penalty.

Simply, Google passes upon search engine results, which seem
duplicated, in favor of those that are unique.

If your site is guilty of the duplicate content, it’s something you should
watch out for in your SEO initiatives. Duplicate content
checker Plagspotter.com  is one of
the best tools you could use to get rid of duplicates from your website.

3.Poorly crafted anchor text variety

In 2012, Google did launch the
search algorithm called penguin to keep anchor text spam on the web.
Naturally, because of the benefits of the anchor texts pointing to the website to search engines, spam SEO’s abused them.

If you don’t want to be hit by such penalties, the first thing you need to look out for is what anchor text
points to you.

These links need to be varied to effect the best and safe existence in the search engine results.

4.Engaging with bad neighbors

In the search engines, sites, which promote gambling, porn and Viagra sales, are bad neighbors. If your website exchanges links with
any of these sites, it means you would be penalized for it.

However, if your business is in the bad neighborhood category, you don’t have to worry much. It’s your

5.Over optimized pages

In the process of carrying out website optimization, it’s very
easy to be carried away with the on-Page SEO parameters. If you engage in activities like keyword stuffing, then your website could be penalized for over-optimization.

Ideally, a website page should sound as natural to human searchers as much as possible.

6.Un-crawlable website content

There are many implementations on websites, which make them depressing to crawl, according to the search engines. Things such as broken links are repulsive to the search engines.

Other issues that could cause crawl-problems on the site and
hence expose it to penalties include loading speeds, poor server responses and many others.
Watch out for them in order to have a clean search engine slate.

7.Stuffing keywords in Meta tags

After the page title, the Meta tags are some of the more formidable
elements in website SEO. Many
spam SEO’s who use the negative techniques love them because they can stuff them.

if you need to have a clean bill with the search engines and avoid penalties, these should not be stuffed with keywords.

Overall, the above make the list of the most important elements to watch out for to avoid search engine penalties when you are doing SEO for any website. Keep them in mind.

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