7 Outstanding New Bloggers You Must Know

(Last Updated On: January 26, 2013)

Blogging has become one of the most trusted and profitable career nowadays. If you are good at any niche and has basic language skills, you can make wonders from your computer. I had started blogging in 2010 and I was less concerned about the basic principles of blogging like choosing right platform, death effects of plagiarism, importance of top level domains and hosting etc.

Around the end of 2012, I seriously put my maximum to get profitable income. I know I’m almost in the right track and set a hidden agenda to keep my posts informative. I used to make contact with awesome bloggers in social media and learned a lot of killer tips from them.

Here I list out the top notch young bloggers who are pushing out astonishing posts on their blogs.

  • Amit Shaw

Blog :www.itechcode.com

Amit is a young professional blogger from India. I know him for months and I used to visit his blog whenever I get time. Recently itechcode has completed its very successful birthday. You can learn how much a blog can grow within  a short time period from the blog. It’s just 1 year old and can you believe this after seeing its traffic stats and typography? I really appreciate Amit’s patience and smart work to bring itechcode to a pro blogging level.

  • Rahul Kuntala

Blog : www.learnblogtips.com

To be frank, he was in my friend list in Facebook but I didn’t know this guy has this much potential in blogging. I landed his blog while googling and really surprised to see that Rahul was the author of that post. I also saw some outstanding guest posts from him in various bloggers. He only publish bulletproof articles that worth reading in LBT. This is the most attractive point I could see in Rahul. All the best to Rahul.

  • Kulwant Nagi

Blog : www.bloggingcage.com

This guy simply rocks, really. He is having multiple blogs and I know Kulwant for years. He has helped me a lot when I struck at many situations like WordPress migration, hosting, domain selection, coupons etc. I would say he is a fun loving guy who is willing to help newbies. I don’t know how he manages multiple blogs without any hesitation. Congo man. Good luck.

  • Ammar Ali

Blog : www.allbloggingtips.com

Ammar Ali is an amazing teen blogger from Pakistan who is having same age as of me. His blog is one of the most widely read one in blogging niche. Like Amit Shaw, in very short time, he has achieved very high credentials that even young bloggers couldn’t. His blog looks really professional and I wish all the very best to Ammar and ABT.

  • Mohammed Mustafa Ahmedzai

Blog : www.mybloggertricks.com

This guy really don’t need any intro or explanation. He is the most inspirational professional blogger from Pakistan. I know many of you like me are a fan of him. He is one of the greatest persons I admire . Also mybloggertricks is the blog which conceives huge traffic in worldwide. The most interesting thing is  he runs his blog on blogger platform, which we can’t even imagine about. Of course, MBT is the only blogger blog which is under 5k Alexa rank. Honestly, I can’t stop writing about this genius because when I was a newbie blogger ( still I’m, ) I used to visit his blog at least 50 times a day and really couldn’t get it off from reading. A great person having unbelievable knowledge in SEO, coding, designing and lots more. Hats off.

Blog : www.toughestblogger.com

Saqib is in fact the recent awesome blogger I came to know. I got his blog URL from FB while accessing one of the groups.  I don’t know how he create such unique articles without any hassle. His most important plus point I observed is his blog title selection. Just visit his blog if you didn’t already and say. Could you stop reading at single post? No, I know. All the best for his future.

  • Janmejaya Mohanty
Blog : www.mybloggerclub.com
Here’s another cool guy who is doing astonishing work as a young blogger. I often visit his blog to grab some unexpected information and offers. He occasionally conducts awesome giveaways to stay within it. His typography isn’t great as far as I felt. May be due to his lack of experience in blogging. I’m sure he is improving his post quality in every posts. He is working very hard to raise the blog up to the benchmark.



I know I’ve missed many other bloggers who are also blogging by passion, not for money. I will be posting another post to include more young bloggers, who are my companions. Do let me know if you have suggestions for bloggers, information or ideas.

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  • Hi Sidharth,

    Good to know other people in list. I have been visiting to Kulwant Nagi and Ammar Ali there blogs and writing skills are really awesome.


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