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SEO techniques are here to stay in 2021, and they are not for the faint of heart. From the rise of visual search to optimized features snippets, Google passage ranking, and the surge of video, SEO has never been more demanding or complex.

Finding an SEO professional you trust to implement fundamental SEO techniques to your website is your best bet of standing out from your competition. Even with a professional guiding you, it’s essential to grasp some of the best white hat SEO techniques in 2021 and the black hat SEO moves you should stay away from. The following are the top seven SEO techniques to consider for your online business in 2021.

Focus on pillar pages

The pillar page is a critical page on your website for several reasons. Primarily, this page can stand the test of timeevergreen content that will always apply to your business. The pillar page addresses the primary subject of your website. Even better, it targets your ideal customers and helps in luring readers to your website.

A strong pillar page will have several links to other pages on your website. It should be a long and informative article detailing the most important topic or theme of your business. It should help your readers and be easy to read with brief paragraphs, videos, infographics, and images. The best way of creating a solid pillar page is by browsing through the best pillar page examples from your competition and the brands whose work you admire.

Clean up your core web vitals

Recently, the most popular SEO experts have been making a case for core web vitals. They believe Google is evaluating these stats to ensure that the page experience is up to par. Found on the Google search console, core web vitals tell you what needs to be fixed on your website. SEO experts prioritize issues such as poor URLs and poor CLS scores. The Google search console lays out the problems that need to be fixed in a practical way with scores at the top of the page to know how much work you need to do.

Highlight your passages

Google has made it easier for our questions to be answered by providing us with the best solution on the Google search page. If you hope to answer your target audience’s answers, then you must get to work in highlighting your best passages. For every page you create, Google allows you to select specific sections as an independent passage. You may find that Google has already ranked some of your passages automatically, but if you hope to raise your chances of standing out, then doing the work for every page is critical.

Optimize your breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs are those text paths found on search engine pages and at the top of web pages that show the reader’s path. Over the years, SEO experts have favored then dismissed the importance of optimizing breadcrumbs, but in 2021, this path’s optimization is considered essential.

When it comes to optimizing breadcrumbs, the important thing is that the path contains the right keywords for the particular page. If you hope that Google displays the right keywords on your breadcrumbs, then you must ensure that you use those keywords on the page with links. Moreover, make sure you use schema markup.

Use numbers for better titles

Although you should not go overboard with this rule, SEO experts recommend using numbers in titles when making sense. Numbers provide value in titles as readers are more likely to click on headings with numbers in them. Specifically, numbers in titles for 2021 are being incorporated through dates in title tags. For example, you can add “March 2021” to your headline.

Relaunch your best content

Some of the former SEO techniques require extensive work, but for this point, all it takes is a walk down memory lane. In this case, all you need is to remind Google of your top content—one that can lure new readers to your existing pool of returning customers. You can do so by heading to Google Analytics to search for your top pages. Make a list of your most visited and read content, together with the pages that have been shared the most.

The important thing here is not to change the URL or other structural elements of the page. However, you can consider adding updates to the page or addressing new points that have arisen over the years. Once you do that, you can republish the pages and share them on social media.

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Get your links in order

Another manageable SEO technique that top SEO agencies like to use for fast results is linking. There are two ways you can do so. You can increase internal linking on your pages and update old articles by refreshing the content with new links. Internal links contribute to a lower bounce rate and lead to more time spent on the website. Besides adding new links, it’s essential to fix any broken links.

Implementing SEO techniques can be tedious and often disheartening, but when the work you put into your online business pays up, the results can be remarkable.


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